Okinawa Tourism Information:PeoplefromOverseasCometo“KomeyaMatsukura”forDeliciousDishes

People from Overseas Come to “Komeya Matsukura” for Delicious Dishes

post : 2016.08.31 22:00

“I want to go eat some delicious dishes.”
This thought comes to my mind sometimes when I eat pancakes in the morning. If it is not on Monday, I will definitely go to this restaurant that I am going to introduce this time; that is “Komeya Matsukura.” 

The restaurant is located in a corner of quiet neighborhood and surrounded by familiar trees in Okinawa such as bishop wood and Chinese banyan. The building is originally a housing for foreign residents, and an old style brick-chimney and metallic number plate still remain on the building.

This concrete housing was re-born as a warm old folk building by a new owner. After you open a slide door and enter the building, the sunlight streams through the window and the view makes to become calm. 

I was here this time for fresh steamed rice and spicy grilled fish. First, appetizers got served after the order: boiled field mustard, marinated bamboo shoot and Okinawan squid with miso, and fried wakasagi and bell pepper in Japanese sweet and peppery vegetable sauce.

Next, shiny steamed rice was served with a simmered dish, a grilled dish, miso soup, and pickles.

I could not help but sigh. These are the dishes to enjoy the taste by looking, touching, and eating. Chefs select good “seasonal dish” and cook with their heart. I think it is meaningful to eat such dishes.

I asked the secret to delicious dishes to Asano, the manager, he answered humbly.

“Actually, I can’t think of it. I am serving it with the idea of ‘this is the only delicious rice.’ That’s all I can think of.”

I guess this is what is called honesty. I was impressed by his honest answer and honesty, and I convinced myself that these reflect to dishes that he serves.

Condition of rice field, cultivation of rice, desiccation and preservation of rice, the way to wash rice, and water and heat conditions. Probably Asano was trying to tell me that these could affect the taste of rice.

Asano has been eating delicious dishes since his childhood, and I envy him for that. That is why he is aware of the deliciousness of rice more than anybody else, and he knows how to serve delicious rice to guests.

Asano was born and grew up in Taiwa Town, Miyagi Prefecture. The town is surrounded by tranquil mountains. The mountains are called “Nanatsumori,” and the mountain with fairy-tale atmosphere also appears on folktale. One of the mountains is named Mt. Matsukura, and Asano Family grew rice in the bosom of Mt. Matsukura for 3 generations.

Rice was grown carefully in between mountains and forest, and the spot is perfect to grow rice. It was blended with neighboring rice and sold at the market until recently. Even though they used less pesticides and chemical fertilizer and grew rice with pride, it ended up mixing with others and selling at the market, and it is not worth it. 

That was why he opened “Komeya Matsukura.” To serve delicious rice not only for his family and close people, but also for many people.

Gourmets come to Komeya Matsukura today. Guests who are 30 – 40s come with their parents or grandparents to the restaurant, and recently foreign visitors from Taiwan and Korea with guidebooks came to enjoy dishes. 
American-style of building, rice of Miyagi Prefecture, Okinawan chefs, hospitality in Okinawa, and guests from all over the world. This is the place where connects people through dishes. “Komeya Matsukura” is definitely the place to meet people.

You can enjoy dishes in and out of the restaurant by ordering * “Matsukura Bento Box” (1,700 – 2,500 yen). It might be a good idea to “take this bento to forest in Yanbaru.”
*Accept order of bento from 10 or more. Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance. 


Komeya Matsukura
Address: 2-11-26 Oyama, Ginowan City
Tel: 098-943-1058
Business Hours: 11:30 - 15:00 / 18:00 - 22:00
Closed: Monday (Japanese)


Okinawa CLIP photo writer Nobuya Fukuda