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Ie Island – a great option for one-day trip to experience neighbor island life

post : 2016.10.22 09:00

Here, time goes by slowly... Get relaxed on small, quiet Ie island where you can enjoy nature, but also the historical sites. It’s only a 30-minute ferry ride from Motobu Port near Churaumi aquarium. Ferries go to the island four times a day -- five times during summer.  Ie is a great destination for one-day trip but overnight accommodations are also available.


Soon after you arrive, you may notice that the island’s reputation for “having more goats than people” is true. There are many of cattle, pigs and horses as well. In fact, Ie’s beef and Aguu pork are getting noticed by gourmet restaurants.


Rental cars, bicycles and Ha:mo (electric vehicles) are available to get around the island where you may encounter a variety of small animals during your drive.


Also you may see many people fishing near the port and all around the island!  At a popular place for digging clams, Ohoba, I chatted with a fisherman.


Ie Beach has showers and food venders. G.I. Beach is one of the beautiful beaches and is almost like a private beach.


Niya-Thia Gama (cave) is a must-visit place on the island. People used to take shelter in this cave during the war. It is also called Sennin Gama (“thousand-person cave”) locally. The cave probably could hold many people, as it is very spacious.


I have seen many gama, but this one has a unique shape. There are heart-shaped and rocks with splits and gaps. You can see the beautiful ocean between the rocks. For visitors, it is just a beautiful spot, but for locals, it is actually a sacred place.


There is a rocky peak called Iejima Tacchuu from which you can enjoy a view of the whole island. The view can be found after only a 7-8 minute walk from the parking lot. The point of this rock formation can be seen from the main island of Okinawa.


There are great places for photo shooting: the old Hotel Hilltop, old bus and other nostalgic locations can be found along the road.



During the Battle of Okinawa, Ie Island was the one of the places that suffered extensive damage. You may want to visit Kousetsu Shichiya, which is the historical site that delivers the war history to newer generations via the bullet hits on the walls of the old building.


Just after the war, Americans occupied large areas of the island. Shoukou Ahagon, who was a protester against military forces built the small museum, Nuchidu Takara-no Ie which (“house of my lifetime treasure”). He built this museum with his own expense and on his own land to bring his antiwar message to the public.


Ie island is small but has many places to visit. It is known as a peanut-growing district and brown sugar coated peanuts sold there make great souvenirs. Also Iejima flour -- and noodles or chips made from it -- are also popular items.


I hope you have a great time there!


Reference website: Iejima Kanko Kyokai


Okinawa CLIP Photo writer: Noriya Fukuda