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A new specialty coffee place in Naha City T&M COFFEE – with four brewing choices

post : 2016.10.22 18:00

Do you like coffee?

If ‘yes,’ what is coffee to you? Possible answers might be: a cup to wake you up in the morning, a beverage for break time, or maybe something just to make you feel good.


People enjoy a cup of coffee for different reasons -- and they always want good coffee.


So, is your coffee good?


These days, you see a lot more sophisticated coffees in shops than before. Have you ever thought of the process of bringing coffee beans from the farm to the cup?


Usually coffee beans are handpicked. After harvest, fruit pulp is removed and beans are fermented, washed in clean water, threshed and bad beans are discarded. Finally the green beans are revealed. Green beans are sent to roasters worldwide. After roasting, beans are cooled and ground. There are so many steps to go through before a cup of coffee can be served. The process is called ‘From Seed to Cup’ and all steps must be followed in order and none missed. Coffee prepared with this all-inclusive process is called ‘specialty’ coffee among coffee lovers.


T&M COFFEE, located on Paradise Street in Naha City, opened on April 26, 2016 and serves true specialty coffee. The owner used to be a tea lover until he experienced the great coffee at THE COFFEESHOP in Daikanyama, Tokyo.


“People have different preferences that make their favorite coffee,” the owner said. “I could not find my kind of coffee in Okinawa and I wanted people in Okinawa to experience of what I had at THE COFFEESHOP.”


T&M COFFEE carries four different varieties of coffee beans, all with medium roast. According to the owner, medium roast is the best way to enjoy the coffee and the sweetness the beans. French press, siphon, flannel drip and paper drip are the preparation options available. Just ask him if you are not sure what to choose. “I like to discover and make customers’ favorite cups of coffee together” he said.


When I told him that I liked coffee with mild sourness and bitterness, he chose Ethiopian without hesitation. He made a cup for me with siphon, which brought out the balance of sweetness and the taste of beans. From my first sip, I was totally amazed with the clarity. I tasted the sweetness after a mild bitterness. Coffee aroma that you experience from stomach to nose is really amazing. I enjoyed every sip.


Various sweets are available. I had tiramisu made with Okinawan brown sugar. Between the layers of mascarpone cheese from Italy, the slight bitterness of Savoiardi (Italian biscuit) soaked in espresso is enjoyable. The espresso machine at this shop is made by Slayer Espresso of Seattle and is the only one to be found in Okinawa.


Slayer Espresso has a steeping function. Many coffee experts prefer this machine for this special function because steeping makes espresso shots rich and very aromatic.


T&M COFFEE is in a two-story building modified from an old house which was originally built right after the war. There are tables and a counter bar on the first floor, where the owner makes coffee.


On the second floor are the tables and sofas for more relaxing ambiance. The shop is located near Kokusai Street.


Why not take some time and enjoy sharing a cup of coffee? Specialty coffee is waiting here for you.



Address: 1-2-6 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa

Tel: 098-943-0914

Hours: 9:00-20:00, Mon-Fri; 9:00–19:00, Sat, Sun & Holidays

Open all year



Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko