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YUNAMI FACTORY on Kume Island – enjoy fancy local tiger prawns at reasonable prices

post : 2016.10.23 09:00

Did you know that Kume Island has the largest output of tiger prawns in Japan? Tiger prawns are called the kings of prawns for their great taste – which usually comes with a price tag much higher than other kinds. They make great gifts during holidays in Japan. Tiger prawns may not be part of peoples’ every day cooking but I found a place you can enjoy tiger prawns at reasonable prices!


YUNAMI FACTORY is located on a hill in Kume Island. The vivid yellow container cafe is very distinctive on this island. Owner, Yosuke Suriki, opened this café after spending eight years studying in Los Angeles.


“The island’s prawns have been always sold wholesale not as finished products. I thought it was kind of waste to deny people the chance of local consumption. I wanted people to be able to eat great local products casually instead of going to fancy restaurants.”Suriki said.


“When I was in Los Angeles, I ate really good garlic shrimps. I did not think it would turn into my business back then, but that memory came right back as soon as I saw tiger prawns on this island.” Suriki said.


Suriki’s parents sell tiger prawns, and that is why he can provide them at such reasonable prices at his café. His goal was to provide expensive prawns for less to give younger diners a chance to taste them. He decided to go to Hawaii where it is popular for an authentic garlic shrimp.


After tasting many, and and studying more garlic shrimp, he perfected his recipe.

His garlic shrimp plate (including rice, island vegetables and a dessert) is 1,200 yen

*600 yen for shrimp only

You will enjoy the plump texture and garlic aroma. The flavor is sure to stimulate your appetite and goes great with rice.


One secret of the great taste is the original garlic olive oil containing lots of garlic, shikuwasa (citrus) from Kume Island, basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano and more. This item adds just the right touch to any meat and fish dish or pasta. It makes a terrific souvenir and is sold at his café.


The tiger prawn burger is another great item to try here. Enjoy three deep fried prawns in fluffy buns! I really enjoyed the crunchy texture of coating and the sweetness of the prawns. Garlic olive oil is used instead of tartar sauce to create a nice depth. The burger is only 500 yen!


Suriki is also trying to serve food with natural ingredients wherever he can. The purple sweet potato cream puff with is made without artificial colors.


Both takeout or dine in are available. Tables make for a nice social setting where you can socialize as you eat.


Popular beaches, such as Iifu beach and Shinri beach are just a 15-minute drive from the café. A nice idea is to bring a takeout order of the prawn plate or a burger to the beach. Please visit YUNAMI FACTORY during your stay in Kume island.




Address: 1146-1 Kanegusuku, Kumejima Town, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa

Tel: 098-996-5087

Hours: 11:00–17:00

Closed: Wednesday



Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer: Sachiko