Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyseafoodatELFAROWithauniqueinteriorthataddsaspicetoyourdishes

Enjoy seafood at EL FARO With a unique interior that adds a spice to your dishes

post : 2016.10.27 09:00

The restaurant is located near Makishi station so when the elevator doors open on the top floor of building, the last thing you expect is the sight of a resort to come into view.


Mexican restaurant Borrachos on  Paradise street in Naha that opened in April, 2016 is a sister shop of EL FARO. In this restaurant, you can enjoy various seafood dishes from Spain, Italy or South America. The restaurant features a white wood deck, beach parasols and beach chairs on the terrace as if located at the seashore. The interior has  the sophistication of a bar in a big city: a very cool post-industrial look! You can enjoy seafood casually with your friends or elegantly with a loved one.


EL FARO means lighthouse in Spanish. At around sunset, looking out over the cityscape of Naha with your favorite drinks is the most beautiful time!


Aside from the ambiance, you can’t forget the great seafood menu. Ingredients are mainly locally-produced. Pescatore pasta contains different kinds of seafood. Cajun or lemon and pepper spices are recommended. Soft shell crabs are another great item.


Local tuna carpaccio has a refreshing taste with a hint of ethnic spice.


Ten daily specials on offer in addition to the regular items. Vegetable shipments from Fukuoka come in once or twice a week. You will never get tired of the changing menu!

Various alcoholic beverages such as champagne, whiskey, house-sangria and awamori (Okinawa's native beverage) are available. I even found a very rare beer, Anchor Steam! There are also many cocktails offered, including a mate leaf tea cocktail which originated in South America.


In the bar area, you can enjoy conversations with the friendly staff. Walk ins are always welcome.


Owners, Mr. Setoguchi and Mr. Tsuchiyama started the restaurant together. Tsuchiyama was working at Barrachos when he met Setoguchi who was a customer there. They hit it off and decided to go into business together.


This is a great place for any kind of party including weddings. They schedule events from time to time for Halloween for instance or countdown parties. They are doing an event with a DJ from Corona beer on October 23, 2016, so please pay them a visit!





1-1-60-6F Asato, Naha City, Okinawa

Tel: 098-868-4770

Hours: 17:00-26:00(L.O. 25:30)

Closed: Wednesday

Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sandy