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The reason it’s called “tasty!” COFFEE potofoto – enjoy specialty coffee in a old Naha City

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According to the owner, “Potofoto” describes happy sound of coffee making in the morning. The sound is rhythmic -- as if you’re listen to the music. To me too, it is the magic sound for the start of a good day. Located in the Sakaemachi market in Naha, COFFEE potofoto is a popular place for some of the best coffee in Okinawa. Sakaemachi is becoming a trendy spot nowadays.


Tetsuji Yamada, Sae Yamada and Shigeta Asato have been making great coffee since 2006. Tetsuji is not just about coffee; he is like a researcher striving to uncover the best coffee. To make a great coffee, several interconnected conditions must be met.


I started with a Spanish Iced espresso. Coffee with lemon juice, what a interesting combination! The organic Lemon comes from Wakayama Prefecture. My first experience was beyond my expectations!


This is the traditional way to enjoy espresso in Valencia, Spain. It has a very refreshing aftertaste. I would say this combination is especially nice in an Okinawan summer.


This café is actually famous among tourists for its iced coffee. I was uncertain about how to enjoy the true charm of coffee when iced. After many of trials and errors, they found ways to bring the best out an iced cup.


“The quality of acid, aftertaste and balance are the keys for good cup,” Yamada said. He first made a coffee by paper drip, but found the beauty and advantages in French presses. Ordinary coffee shops use automatic espresso machines, but Yamada uses a LA CIMBALI whose settings you can control manually.


As a specialty coffee shop, Yamada treasures the gorgeous, sweet, creamy tastes or the enjoyable flavors of flowers, herbs or chocolate in coffee. Beans vary depending on the country of origin or the farms they come from. He connects all of these elements in just for 20 seconds to make perfect cup.


“Automatic espresso makers can bring out only 60-70 percent of the whole taste and flavor of bean, Yamada said. “But the best taste depends on the climate, soil, farm, import or storage methods and roasting. It is not easy to find the best combination to make the best cup, but it is very exciting. It is like trying to find a needle on the haystack. An espresso is the true coffee among coffees.”


Once I tasted his espresso shot, it was more impressive than his French press coffee. In fact I never expected there to be difference in espresso shots until this moment -- even though everybody has different tastes in coffee. I asked him for some recommendations.


For beginners: Light roasted coffee by French press. Enjoy a graceful taste.

For coffee lovers: Try his cappuccino. It is amazingly creamy.

For coffee “experts”: a shot of espresso is something you need to tr! You will be impressed from the perfect combination of beans, roasting and brewing.


Try the cream croissant sandwich with coffee. Lemon syrup is used as a spread and whipped cream and sugar coated Lemmon peels are added. Various seasonal pastries are also available.


“Great things have reasons to be appreciated,” Yamada said. “Also, some sacrifices should come before success.” A society in which people appreciate good stuff is his ideal future.


“Coffee in your life.” The aim of his business is bringing enjoyment to life with coffee. The Okinawa COFFEE festival is one of the events in which Yamada participates. The fall event, coming soon, features roasters, food vendors, workshops, seminars and the film “A FILM ABOUT COFFEE.” It’s a great opportunity for you to get involved in the world of coffee, or just enjoy the food.



COFFEE potofoto  

Address: In the Sakaemachi market, 388-1 Asato, Naha City, Okinawa

Tel: 098-866-3095

Hours: 10:00–18:00 (Mon–Thurs), 10:00–19:00 (Fri & Sat)

Closed: Sunday





 Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Noriya Fykuda