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Sample Tree of the Taiwan Cherry

post : 2014.03.21 16:00

Taiwan cherries in Okinawa are known to be the earliest to bloom in Japan.
Did you know that actually there is a cherry tree that determines the announcement of blooming?
It’s the “sample tree” in the Sueyoshi Park, in Shuri, Naha City.

When the flowers of this tree bloom, Okinawa announces the first blooming in Japan.
In January, the Taiwan cherry blossoms have bloomed here and there.

At the beginning of February, the cherry blossoms are covering the branches in full bloom.

The deep pink petals and the fact that they bloom downward are special qualities of these cherry blossoms.
If you look up then the blossoms are looking at you.
The deep pink petals contrast well with the blue skies of Okinawa.

Once the cherry blossom festivals of Nago, Motobu and Nakijin in the north finish, the Naha Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Yogi Park between the 12th and the 16th to close out this season.

When cherry blossoms bloom, sooner or later they also have to fall.
The cherry blossom season in Okinawa is short too.

Sueyoshi Park
1-3-1 Sueyoshicho, Shuri, Naha City

Yogi Park
1-1 Yogi, Naha City

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer Taiki Gushiken


1-3-1 Sueyoshicho, Shuri, Naha City