Okinawa Tourism Information:369(miruku)farmcaféinNagoCityfeaturesshavediceTrytheirbestseller,“Fuwatoromangoshavedice”

369 (miruku) farm café in Nago City features shaved ice Try their best seller, “Fuwa toro mango shaved ice”

post : 2016.12.01 08:00

The shop is located outside of Nago City. The light blue and pink container house is called 369 (miruku) farm cafe.

Fluffy shaved ice and flaky pudding pies are their featured items.


Hirofumi and Miyako Horinouchi are the owners; they own a coffee farm. Hirofumi takes care of his farm regularly but comes to the shop on his days off. Everybody enjoys their smiling faces as much as their shaved ice.

Thirteen kinds of shaved ice flavor are available. They make own sauces, syrups and condensed milk.

The best seller is…..


…Fuwa toro mango shaved ice! The mango sauce looks thick. They use two different kinds of mango sauce and local fresh fruits. Vanilla ice cream tops it off.


You may not notice, but there are six layers of mango in the shaved ice. The thick sauce on the very top is mango sorbet sauce. The gorgeous mango shaved ice is now ready to enjoy!


A spoonful thick mango sauce is joy in your mouth. You will enjoy the melting soft texture of mango fruit and the elegant flavor. Fluffy shaved ice literally melts in your mouth.

Condensed milk or yogurt comes with the shaved ice. You can use it as a topping for a different flavor. Enjoy your tropical shaved ice!


This purple shaved ice is Beniimo milk zenzai. The mixture of purple potato paste and condensed milk is poured over the shaved ice. kidney beans simmered with sugar hide beneath the ice. A very popular item.


Tsubu-tsubu tankan (local tangerine sauce with lots of pulp), shiikuwaasaa milk (local citrus and milk), zenzai (kidney beans) and 15369 (“strawberry and milk”) sauces are also available.


The secret of the fluffy shaved ice is a machine that was made in late 1940s. The old machine makes fluffier shaved ice than modern ones.  Thickness of the ice shavings is determined by the season. Shavings are a bit thicker in summer and slightly thinner in winter.

“You will enjoy the fluffiness more in winter," Horinouchi said. “Shaved ice melts slowly so that you enjoy it more when it’s cold. I would like people to enjoy shaved ice in winter.”

They can also control “brain freeze” with slightly softer (warmer) ice.


The original pudding pies are not overpoweringly sweet so you can have more than one. The crust is flaky and the egg filling is very soft. Heat it up or refrigerate to taste.

This popular pastry is great with coffee.


The owners also roast specialty coffee beans. It takes seven hours to make cold brewed iced coffee. The coffee is mild but very flavorful.

Coffee from their own farm will be roasted and served soon. Horinouchi’s life dream of “farm to cup” will be a reality.


Local mango and tankan tangerine jams are very popular items as well. They use fully ripened fruits for the jams so that you get to enjoy the natural sweetness and rich fruit aroma at their peak.

369 farm café is a great place for shaved ice, pastries and souvenirs.

Regular customers are the proof of quality. All items including shaved ice are available for take-out.

369 farm cafe(みるくファームカフェ)

Address: 894-2 Nakayama, Nago City

Tel: 080-6497-3690

Hours: 11:00 – 18:30 (L.O. for food: 18:15)

Closed: Wednesday, first and third Thursday

Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Akiko Ono