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A great autumn trekking course Katsuudake Peak

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Good food, the arts, sports… There are plenty of things to enjoy in autumn. How about trekking? You get to enjoy beautiful scenery, get a look at some exotic plants and also get in some great exercise. I took my kids to Katsuudake Peak in Nago City.

After you take the Kyoda Exit, you will pass the Nago City Office and the 21st Century Park. Take a left toward Yabu. Once you reach the Katsuyama Shikuwasaa sign, turn right. Continue up the road until you reach Katsuudake Peak.  Beautiful pink flowers (ceiba speciosa) can be seen there between October and December. There isn't much in the way of mountains in Okinawa, but Katsuudake with an altitude of 452 meters is the third highest peak next to Yonahadake and Yaedake.


Mountains in the Yanbaru area are mostly formed of limestone. You can see the pointed  formations between trees here and there. Daisekirinzan is the northeasternmost limestone formation in the world. It took 200 million years to create these rocky structures. Katuudake is a corn-shaped peak with an uneven surface like a saw blade. It can be a fun walk.


Large fern leaves block the harsh sunlight and provide some nice shade. The sunlight filtering through the leaves is a beautiful sight as you walk.


Uniquely shaped rocks covered with beautiful moss are visible on the trail. The cool breeze feels very nice to your body.


My kids are looking for insects.

Got one!

The locust matched his color to the rocks.


A Ryukyu tree lizard.


A bright green sakishimanaka lizard.

The kids were all excited to see creatures in the forest.

My brave youngest daughter. Caught a lizard for the photo, then let it go.

The last part of this trail is pretty steep and you have to climb up a rocky area that is too narrow for more than one person at a time.


Even my brave daughter was hesitant to go forward.


Just before reaching the top, I looked down. The view was spread out beneath my feet. I continued forward carefully.


Finally, we reached the top. The kids yelled into the void. The top area was just wide enough for ten people. It was a little uncomfortable to stay there long, especially for the kids.


The panoramic view from the top is magnificent. You can see both the East China sea and the Pacific Ocean as well as Kouri, Izena and Iheya Islands. The northeastern most point of the prefecture, Cape Hedo and the Henoko region are also visible from up here.


How was it? It took me only forty minutes to the top even with kids. It is a fun and exciting trail for the whole family. You can pack a lunch or stop at Captain Kangaroo for hamburgers or Miyazato soba after your hike.



 Enjoy autumn hiking at Katsuudake peak.



Katuudake is located in Katsuyama, Nago City, Okinawa


OkinawaCLIP photo writer: Tetsumasa and Kozue Kono


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