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Enjoy spring in Okinawa Recommended trekking Part 2 - Ishikawadake

post : 2017.02.28 10:00


Around Chinese New Year, it is a start of spring in Okinawa. Cherry blossoms, cosmos and sunflowers are the signs of the season. Since it's a bit early for swimming, hiking is the best activity choice on a sunny day. I would like to introduce Ishikawadake.

Ishikawadake is located in Ishikawa, Uruma City. The hill is fairly low at 204 meters total height. The facility called “Ishikawa Seishonen no Ie” is made for camping at the foot of the hill. Please register and receive a map at the facility office before hiking. You choose from three courses.

Route A:  For beginners. Easy, great for kids, 40-60 minutes round trip

Route B:  For intermediates. Great age 6 and older, 1.5--3 hours round trip

Route C:  For intermediates to advanced. Some steep areas, 3-5 hours round trip




Our favorite is Route C. The route includes walking through water and climbing up a hillside with a rope. You get to enjoy a real hike with this choice. The first difficult spot is called “short of breath slope.”  You climb up the steep hill with a rope. This is not an easy to overcome fist obstacle!


Going down the steep rocky area with a rope


As you go forward, you notice mossy rocks and ivy twined around the trees. You also have chances to meet the Okinawa tree lizard (Japalura polygonata) or the Ryukyu damselfly (Matrona basilaris japonica).

Ryukyu damselfly with cobalt blue body and jetty color wings near the water


The most entertaining point for Route C is the area where you walk over the rocky bed of a stream. You will feel really refreshed when your feet meet the cool mountain water. Please don’t forget to wear waterproof shoes.

A stream flowing through mossy rocks


Soothing sound of water along Route C

Kids jumping and playing in the water.


Kids  can jump between rocks in the water carefully. Or just slosh through the water. Kids are having a really good time.


You keep going forward in the mountain and climbing up steep slopes until you reach a point where you feel the sudden rush of air. The spot is called Ryukyudake no Komichi. This is my favorite spot because it's like being in an animated film. The cool breeze feels nice on sweaty bodies.

Finally we reach the flat area. The summit is right there.


When you see the wooden sign that reads “Ishikawadake, you've reached your goal for sure.

Take some pictures.


How was it?


We have introduced two trekking spots so far.

Stay tuned for the next discovery!


Okinawa CLIP photo writer: monobox (Tetsumasa and Kozue Kono)