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Brand-new Colorful Okinawan Souvenir

post : 2017.03.18 03:00

Kokusai Street, one of the famous tourist spots in Okinawa, and a variety store “élufe” is located on this busy street. 

Numerous items, selected by the owner of the store and staffs, are available here. 

Especially, “Bingata masking tape” is a popular item at this store. It was produced as “the item which adds Okinawan taste in a daily life.” Let’s take a look at the masking tape.

Bingata is the traditional arts in Okinawa, and its dyeing technique was started in Ryukyu Dynasty era. Bingata masking tape was produced for everybody to take a look at “bingata” more easily.

This is a colorful flower-patterned masking tape with 18mm width. It looks beautiful when you use it on papers, and its color looks vivid. 

Of course, it is beautiful because the work by Yuka Arakaki is printed on this masking tape. Yuka Arakaki is a bingata artist, and we interviewed her on our previous article.

Arakaki’s dynamic work is condensed into this tape.
“The more you use it, you can realize how beautiful it is. So I want everybody to use it with no pretension.”
Nakamoto, the owner of élufe, told me.

Usually people use masking tapes when they seal envelops, but did you know there are more usages of them?

For example, it looks prettier just by taping it around a straw hat. 

And, Nakamoto wears swinging earrings with bingata masking tape. She cuts a plastic folder into a desired shaped, taped it with the masking tape, coated it with top coat, and made her original earrings.

Also, you can use the masking tape for your artificial nails, or you can use it for your cell phone case and coat it with varnish. It is fun to create your original items by using bingata masking tape.

The masking tape is perfect for souvenir and a small treat for you. The more you use it, you can realize how beautiful it is. 

Besides masking tapes, there are more items for souvenirs at the store. These are photos / postcards that were taken by Okinawan photographers, and they shot each photo from Okinawan people's point of view. These postcards are popular as well because everybody can discover the so-called unknown Okinawa.


Envelops for money are also available here. Goya (bitter melon) and Shureimon gate are drawn on them, and a phrase which says “nife de-biru (thank you)” is also written on them.   

Since it is located on Kokusai Street, it is accessible and anybody can come by easily. If you would like to look for unique souvenirs, it is good to stop by at this store.

Zakka shop élufe
Address: 2-5-1 Bldg. 1F Matsuo, Naha City
Business hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Closed: opens throughout the year

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Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akari Matsumura 


那覇市松尾2-5-1 松尾124区ビル1F