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Welcome to a different coffee world! A back alley café, TAMAGUSUKU COFFEE ROASTERS

post : 2017.03.30 14:00

TAMAGUSUKU COFFEE ROASTERS joined the coffee business community in Okinawa on December 10, 2015. Okinawa has been a popular destination for unique shops including coffee shops.
The coffee shop is just a two-minute walk from the popular tourist spot Makishi Kousetsu public market. It is gaining popularity among among both coffee fanatics and even tea lovers.
I tried a cup brewed by Akihiro Yafune, the owner. It was a specialty coffee from Republic of Cameroon with a nutty flavor. I enjoyed its smoothness like butter on my tongue and the sweetness of the beans.
What makes certain coffees specialty coffees are factors including the soil type, climate and farms, but I think it’s got to be tasty. Everybody has different tastes in coffee. In order to be determined specialty coffee, some experts need to agree.
TAMAGUSUKU COFFEE ROASTERS had eight kinds of coffee on offer at the time of my visit. The nutty CAPLAMI Long Berry from Cameroon that I tried earlier and Genuine Antigua Finca Retana from Guatemala (fruity like apples) were available at that time.
People from the mainland enjoy fining different ways of life in Okinawa. I believe they would be excited to find a new coffee experience here. I consider the excitement of coffee to be the same as when I enjoy fine wine or single malt whisky.
That being said, this coffee shop is not only for coffee fanatics.  “I could open the shop thanks to the people I’ve connected with,” Yafune said. The coffee shop was actually created with his friend Fujita (owner of Gaabu Domingo), Kameya (the owner of Nijikame Shoten) and others. The space is filled with the warmth of good relationships.
The feeling that I got in this place was Okinawan, not at all like Tokyo. “Coffee shops should be part of the community like a neighborhood tofu shop,” said Yafune.  Upon opening his shop, he treasured the concept of a local hangout – a place where the elderly or the local young men working at the markets feel comfortable visiting.  His target customers are not just trendy young people. 
I would say he’s made coffee history in Okinawa.
“It was not easy to settle on the proper roast or the price range,” said Yafune. “Because there are many kinds of people over a wide age range living in this area.”  I would say that he picked the correct roast and prices for people he wants in his shop.
Considering how complicated the roasting and hand-brewing processes are, 400 yen (450 yen for iced) per cup is very inexpensive. The coffee has great bean flavor and comes out very mild enough for anyone to enjoy.
TAMAGUSUKU COFFEE ROASTERS is for anybody who loves or wants to try great coffee.
The shop is made both for people who want to enjoy coffee alone or who want to enjoy conversation with Yafune about coffee.  His personal coffee items are displayed on the wall and on the counter.  Each chair has a different design. The pink tones in the shop may be reminiscent of Central America. The green wall may remind you of coffee leaves. The unique atmosphere certainly exudes Okinawan style.
The next time you’re walking around Makishi Kousetsu public market or the Tsuboya area, why not stop by this coffee shop? You won’t be sorry.
Address: Green Heights 202, 2-19-39 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa
Tel: 098-988-4566
Hours: 8:30-18:00
Closed: Tuesday and Friday
Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Noriya Fukuda


沖縄県那覇市松尾2-19-39 グリーンハイツ那覇202