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For beautiful porcelain for daily use and elegant gifts. decco in Shuri Town

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decco is located a few minutes by foot from Shuri Station in Naha City. Once I entered the store, I was infected by the dignified atmosphere of the place and straightened my back.


Simple white saucers and bowls are displayed in throughout store which bring to mind the tenderness of female form. It is fun to imagine what kind of food would be best served on them.


This dish is versatile. It is great for Japanese food, Western food or sweets. It can also be used as a sharing dish.


This flower shaped dish is great for sweets.


The butterfly design on the cup with the flower-shaped saucer are a popular set. This cute cup is perfect for coffee, tea, pudding and affogato.


Moritaka Nakamura, the owner makes decco's dishes and cups. He has always been interested in making things, that's why his major in college was pottery. He was preparing to be a pottery artist for some time after graduation. Now Satoko, his wife helps him out as the shop's manager. Her job is giving him advice as spouse and wife. Her job is providing customers with perfect dishes for daily use. The couple works together to create their beautiful wares


Pottery is made with mud and porcelain is made with stone. Yachimun is the name of Okinawa's traditional pottery tradition. decco’s wares are all porcelain. Moritaka pursues delicacy and beautiful shapes in all his works. He decided to concentrate on porcelains because he wanted to do something different from the others.


The surface texture is cold and smooth, like soft skin. Porcelain is light and easy to maintain. People who have purchased their dishes have commented on how easy these dishes are to wash and store. They are microwave-safe and and machine washable. The beautifully designed dishes make very popular gifts.


The wine glasses are hard to make because the stem can deform easily in the kiln. “I wanted to try this out because others tend to avoid making wine glasses,” Moritaka said.


“White is the best color to bring out the beauty of any food,” Moritaka said. “Also, it is one color you don’t mind using every day. White is very versatile .”


When he participated in a a red-themed exhibition, he found a way to express redness using white. Get it? A, AB, B and O are blood types.


Painter Ayako Maeda, created a painting of a cup she purchased at decco. Afterward, Moritaka made a vase from the image of the cup on her painting. They seem to prefer communication through art instead of words.

By collaborating with people from different specialties, new ideas and new forms are born. Artistic works often evolve based on conversations with customers. 


Each piece is slightly different from the rest because all are handmade. That is the charm of handmade wares: they express the interesting and warm side of dishes.


“I always care how people use my dishes in life,” said Moritaka. The vase in the air is tied with wire so as to be safe as home décor for families with kids .


Moritaka's pieces are simple and beautiful, and don't clash with most home interiors. They make great gifts to oneself.

Soft but dignified ceramic pieces can add both utility and happiness to your life.


Address: Hisaba Apartment 1F middle, 4-89-5 Torihori-cho, Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa
Tel: 098-884-8587
Hours: 14:00-19:30
Closed: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko


沖縄県那覇市首里鳥堀町4-89-5 久場アパート1F中