Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyRidingaSwingintheMountainandShikwasaPicking(Gajimanrou)

Enjoy Riding a Swing in the Mountain and Shikwasa Picking (Gajimanrou)

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This is a wonderful café named “Gajimanrou” in Ogimi Village. It is located back in a mountain of Yanbaru (Northern Okinawa).

Drive Route 58 toward north, and after passing Shioya, Ogimi Village, a small sign can be found on the right. Follow the sign and keep driving for about 15 minutes, and you will be arrived at the café. 

When you walk up wooden stairs from the parking lot, you can see a café which looks like a lodge.

We can feel the warmth of the wood inside the café, and it has a relaxed atmosphere. Everybody can be relaxed anywhere including a tatami space. 

For example, we can see the greenery view from this special seat, and it looks like a frame of painting.

There is a rocking chair at a veranda, and also a hammock is hung in a garden. You can take a nap and relax here.

And, a swing is the most recommended thing at the café. It is protruded from top of the mountain, and you might feel like flying in the sky when you ride it. 

It is popular among children, but it is also good for parents to ride it and soak in the fun atmosphere of being children again.

Also, everybody can do shikwasa (Taiwan tangerine) catching in this area (from October – the end of January).

Speaking of Ogimi Village, it is famous for the shikwasa-growing area. There is shikwasa farm at Gajimanrou, and everybody is able to experience shikwasa picking for free. You are also able to take them home for 300 yen / 1 kg.

“Its name ‘Gajimanrou’ means ‘fruitful farm’ in this area.”

Emiko Maja, the owner of “Gajimanrou,” told me with smile.
The word also indicates “many people gather.”

Actually, many customers get attracted by Emiko’s nice smile and her hospitality to treat each customer as her family. Such scenery might be called as “fruitful.”

This is “Shikwasa juice (500 yen).” Freshly caught shikwasa at the farm of Gajimanrou were used for it, and you can get energized after you drink it.

“Juicy (porridge)” has mild taste (1,000 yen w/ drink). Each vegetable in season was grew in the garden, and it might make people’s heart warm.

If you were working very hard in the urban area every day or want to let your stress out, how about visiting this café with a rich nature and relax profoundly? 


Address: 923-3 Ogimi, Ogimi Village
Tel: 0980-44-3313
Business Hours: 11:00-17:00
Closed: Fri, Sat, & Sun

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Okinawa CLIP photo writer Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)