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Nails accented with Ryukyu glass will make a bright memory of your Okinawa trip Nangoku Therapy Ryukyu, a nail salon located near Kokusai Street

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Ladies, don't you like to accessorize with beautiful things? People often say that care of hands and nails is an essential part of fashion. Fancy nails used to be only for anniversaries or weddings. These days, they are considered as important to daily fashion as clothes or jewelry. When women wear pretty nails, they feel happy. As you see your fingernails many times a day, why not dress them up and enjoy them?
Nail salon, Nangoku Therapy Ryukyu is located on New Paradise Street behind the famous tourist destination, Kokusai Street. The shop provides original designs and opens only for reservations. Manicurist Nana Kamiya designs nails any way you wish, with stars sand, seashells, Ryukyu glass or other unique items of Okinawa. She has always been interested in the art and so became a licensed manicurist. She came up with the idea of using Ryukyu glass on nails because she wanted her designs to reflect Okinawa. 
Ryukyu glass is one of the traditional art forms of Okinawa and is a very popular souvenir item for the bright, clear reds, dark blues, greens and so on. Ryukyu glass is not only used to make drinking glasses, but also jewelry. Nails with Ryukyu glass can be bright mementos of your Okinawa trip. It takes about 90 minutes to finish all of your fingernails and costs 4,500 yen. Other than Ryukyu glass, Okinawan patterns such as ocean, palm trees, traditional Okinawan textile designs motifs are popular with tourists. 
Instead of regular nail polish, Kamiya uses a thick gel like honey which she cures with UV light. Regular nail polish doesn’t last for a long time, this gel should keeps allows the color and design to last for about a month. Also, the thickness and durability keeps fingernails from breaking.
Before applying the gel, Kamiya first removes your cuticles and files your nails. Then, you choose your base color out of a selection of 180 available. After base color is applied, you will want to tell her your preferred designs. Of course, you can discuss with Kamiya freely about your design. Your hands' shape and the color, the length of your fingers and nails are all factors to keep in mind when you pick your designs.
So many designs can be made with small or large pieces of Ryukyu glass, glitter, matte finishes, multiple colors and so on… But,  Kamiya works meticulously on nails a fraction of a millimeter at a time and is truly professional. 
Bask in the afterglow of your Okinawa trip when you get home as you look at the Okinawan nails on your fingers.  Every time you see the pretty designs, you may feel a pull to plan your next trip to Okinawa.
Hand and foot massages are also available. Please visit this shop for a relaxing time.
Nail chip straps, tiny shisa dolls, Okinawan style salt charms are also for sale as unique souvenirs.
Nangoku Therapy Ryukyu
Address: Step Building 1-H, 1-1-39 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa
Tel: 098-860-9508
Hours: 10:00-19:00 (by appointment only)
Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko


沖縄県那覇市牧志1-1-39 ステップビル1-H