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café BREATH on Miyako Island Memories of your trip will become a part of you at this relaxing café

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There are times when during your trip when you may want to take a break. It might be after you enjoy the blue water and white sand at Sunayana Beach, after swimming with fish in the clear water or after a drive through the clean, breezy air of Miyako Island. Your mind might need some rest after being saturated with so many fresh experiences available on the island. When you do need a breather, café BREATH, located at the center of Miyako is the perfect place for you. 



At this café, vegetarian and vegan food await, along with local fresh vegetables and what may be called a mid-twentieth century modernist ambience.  Individually, each of these features alone would make a great for a cafe, but the combination of all three elements makes for a can’t-miss stop during your Miyako Island stay



Once you step inside, the depth, high ceiling, vivid yellow walls and dark-green counter are come into view. The mid-twentieth century modernist styled elements, such as the sofa, chairs and tables have been arranged in the café space nicely. The lighting is not too dark or bright, making for a relaxing, memorable impression.



Try their great food. A great choice for lunch is the “Buddha bowl” (1,080 yen). The bowl of vegetables contains 15 island vegetables including kidney beans, wing beans, bitter melon, tofu and pickles with original hemp seed oil dressing. Enjoy these healthy, seasonal island vegetables.



The picture shows Taco rice (800 yen), one of Okinawa’s “soul foods.” Unlike most taco rice, this fancy version contains several kinds of fresh vegetable including tomatoes, green peppers and plenty of greens other than just lettuce. The special salsa is made with awamori (Okinawan sake) and hot island peppers. The combination of the salsa and the meat is perfect.



Sayaka and Mikio Okuhira own the café. Sayaka has had a lot of experience in the café business. Her interest in food increased after she gave birth and she has also become enthusiastic about healthy meals. It was then that she realized that her goal lay in vegetarian and vegan foods.





“I started taking what we eat seriously after giving birth,” Sayaka said. “And, I started learning about vegetables and dairy products then.” What she learned was enlightening.

“Vegetables grow with great depth of flavor in Miyako Island,” she continued, smiling confidently. “Because Okinawa’ soil is rich. Miyako’s elderly people are very energetic because they eat local vegetables.

Café latte, non-alcoholic Mojito, made with with local mint leaves, sweets and baked sweets for vegans are available from 2 p.m.




Alcoholic beverages are available after 7 p.m. Live DJ events and live music events are held from time to time. Mikio is in charge of bar – also working as a one mand DJ and sound crew. Occasionally, he even plays guitar and drums as a member of rockabilly band,  The Highlights.


Sayaka loves traveling. She used to travel around Japan in her 20s, she went with Mikio to Australia during a working holiday program and they ended up traveling the world together. Because of this experience, they have an easy rapport with tourists.


café BREATH provides a relaxing respite on Miyako Island when you need one. Enjoy 


Address: 809-3-1F, Hirara Nishizato, Miyakojima City, Okinawa
Tel: 0980-79-5079
Hours: Lunch 11:30–14:00; café time 14:00–17:00; night hours 19:00–24:00
Closed: Sunday


Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Noriya Fukuda



沖縄県宮古島市平良字西里809-3 1F