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Warm Your Body and Get Healed by the Scent of “Herb Sauna Treatment” at Hidamari-do

post : 2017.05.29 18:00

Café, bakery, used clothing store, old clothing store, and tarte shop are gathered at Minatogawa Stateside Town in Urasoe City. It used to be an old military housing area, and it is now becoming a popular tourist spot. A female-only acupuncture salon named “Hidamari-do” is in this area.

Yumi Kano opened “Hidamari-do” in this area 8 years ago. She is a former aroma therapist and now an acupuncturist.  

She wanted to open a healing spot where reminds of an aroma salon, can be relaxed, and able to focus on customers' body conditions. Its image is a warm spot that can catch the sun. This is a place like a veranda-like porch, and everybody can feel comfortable whenever they visit here.

The most recommended menu of Hidamari-do is “herb sauna treatment” which is to warm body with steam that comes out of steamed herb.

Fresh herbs and dried turmeric for “Gettou course”

There are 3 kinds of courses for the sauna treatment; “Gettou (shell ginger),” “Yomogi (wormwood),” and “Spice.” Especially, “Gettou course” is recommended, and fresh herbs are used for the course.

Gettou is a familiar plant in Okinawa, and it is known as the effective plant for antioxidant and calm from the ancient times.

Plenty of gettous are in the garden of Hidamari-do

In addition to gettou, freshly picked leaves of shikwasa and lemongrass are going to be used for “Gettou course,” so customers will be surrounded by sweet-scent of herbs during this treatment.

From this paragraph, I will report my personal experience on herb sauna treatment♪ The treatment started from writing about my body condition of the day and constitution on a medical interview sheet. Before the treatment, I had herb tea that can warm body and highly effective for relaxation. 

After a slight pause, I changed my clothes and prepared for the treatment. 

I tried “Gettou course” this time, and freshly picked herbs were shredded finely as the photo above. My body got warmed by steam that comes out of these teamed herbs.

Ta-da! This is what herb sauna treatment looks like. Lie down on a breathing bed that passes steam, and steam my dorsal surface including my back and bottom by steaming herbs inside the bed. The cloth was put on my ventral surface to make a hollow, so it helped to steam my whole body and the inside of cloth was very warm. 

Right after I laid down on the bed, I was surrounded by the scent of herbs and started to breathe deeply because I felt very comfortable. I breathed in scent of herbs a lot.

“It feels like warming the whole body while being covered by the skin lotion with 100% of herbs. Getting the power of plants from skins and breathing.”

Kano explained to me. 

Actually, I do not like sauna. I have a cold constitution and hardly get sweat, so I get dizzy while feeling the heat of sauna.

However, only covered body gets warm for the herb sauna treatment, so I was able to breathe easily. Plus, I got sweat within 30 minutes of the treatment (people who has high metabolism gets more sweat).

As the result of the treatment, my body was warm the whole day. Also, stiff shoulders that had been bothering me got better.

Its scent and effect to warming body, the treatment was better than I thought. For those people who have a cold constitution, the treatment will lead to solve your problem if you take the treatment several times. 

Of course, you can refresh yourself with 1 time of treatment. You can relief the fatigue of your trip or warm your cold body. How about stopping by while strolling around Minatogawa area?

This is a regular acupuncture treatment room. The purpose of Kano’s treatment is not just to remove pain. She gives a treatment while figuring the cause of body disorder.

“Disorder of the body and mind are related in many cases. When you feel tired in your mind many times, your body gives you a sign with a pain that you work yourself too hard.” 

To get Kano’s good treatment and be healed, her appointment is booked for a month and a half in advance. It is highly recommended to make an appointment in advance. 

This is “Nukudama,” the original product of Hidamari-do.

Shell ginger, roast salt, and brown rice are inside this product. After heating it in a microwave or steamer, apply it on the back of neck, lower back, belly where gets cold, or tired eyes. It helps you to keep each part warm. 

It feels good when you sit on it. You can feel the warmth of it from your bottom, and you will get relaxed.

Kano (R) and Fukuhara (L) who supports Kano

Cold may lead to all kinds of diseases, Kano told me so. That is why products to relieve cold and sauna treatment are offered. 

So would you like to try herb sauna treatment first? You can feel the energy of plants with lots of sunshine, and it helps to keep you warm and relax with its scent. Let’s feel the healing power from the blessing of nature.


Address: 2-9-8 Minatogawa, Urasoe City
Tel: 098‐877‐6056
Business hours: 9:30-17:00
Closed: Mon, Fri, and the day of new moon & full moon

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akiko Ono