Okinawa Tourism Information:Soft&ResilientTexture!“Tomi-channoJimamiTofu”

Soft & Resilient Texture!
“Tomi-chan no Jimami Tofu”

post : 2017.06.05 18:00

When I opened a sliding door, I heard someone’s bright voice saying “hello, how can I help you?” Here is “Tomiya Koubou” which is located right behind Urasoe Art Museum, and it is a Jimami (peanut) tofu store. 

President of the store opened it in 2004. His mother, Tomi-chan’s homemade Jimami tofu was very popular, so he opened the store to spread the palatability of his mother’s Jimami tofu.

Since Jimami tofu was unknown at that time in Mainland Japan, he wanted to make it as a popular souvenir of Okinawa. His passion motivated himself, so he stuck to ingredients and handmade, and increased its popularity.

His produced product “Tomi-chan no Jimami Tofu” can be found at supermarkets in Okinawa. The characteristic of product is its soft texture, and 4 different flavors are served. Flavors include plane flavor, turmeric, purple yam, and brown sugar. 

The secret to its palatability is water that the staffs use. By using reduced water from rinsing beans to producing, this process helps to make its taste mild.

Next, staffs remove damaged beans while rinsing them, and then peel the remained thin skin of beans. They go through this process because the president sticks to produce good products. This extra process cannot be done by a machine, and it shows the spirit of store. I felt like I saw the president’s passion to “offer delicious Jimami tofu to everybody.”

There are seats at the staff’s table inside the store, and customers can sit here and watch the whole process on making Jimami tofu.

Especially, the process of “mixing” is a must see. To have Tomi-chan’s soft and resilient textured Jimami tofu, the chef keeps mixing the dough for about 30 minutes while watching the heat.

“First, the dough is liquid, and then it gets thick after mixing it many times. After mixing it for a while, I feel less pressure of it all the sudden. That is the sign of almost finished.”

The president explained to me.

The staffs can figure out when to stop the heat, and it comes from the longtime of experience.

Later, put the dough in containers and the whole process is done. Let them cool for overnight and they will be shipped. 

The staffs show the process of making Jimami tofu to every customer because they have confidence in flavors and texture. The products are additive & color-free, so customers can eat the products with an easy mind.

“I want to do business by communicating with customers. It is my pleasure to watch them being happy when they eat our products at my store, and I get the idea of new products when I talk to them.”

Not only the flavors, but customers are attracted to the president’s friendly and warm character. Many regular customers visited the store on the day of this interview. He offers free sample for first-time customers. 

Now, Jimami tofu is popular as the special food of Okinawa. It is perfect for meal, treats snack, and souvenir. Try Tomi-chan’s “soft” & “resilient” texture of Jimami tofu.


Tomiya Koubou
Address: 1-2-10 Nakama, Urasoe City
Tel: 098-875-5555
Business hours: 10:00-19:00
Closed: Sunday

*Domestic (Japan) Shipment Only. The products are available on-line.
*Products are available at every branch of CO-OP and San-A in Okinawa. 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akiko Ono