Okinawa Tourism Information:OverlookingtheEastChinaSea,enjoythedeliciousGreekcuisine!(LittleGreekKitcheninYomitanVillage)

Overlooking the East China Sea, enjoy the delicious Greek cuisine! (Little Greek Kitchen in Yomitan Village)

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Yomitan village locates at the central part of Okinawa.

Little Greek Kitchen is owned by two ladies and at there, you can enjoy the amazing ocean view as well as devouring the mouthwatering delicious Greek cuisine!



When you step into the restaurant, it's hard not to miss the large windows at the back of the restaurant and they lead you to breathtaking beautiful Okinawa ocean blues. The owners chose this location because of this astonishing view.



The menu sign is written in Greek and in English. Lunch menu starts from ¥1,600 (without the sales tax), and popular "omakase" meaning chef's choice course menu is ¥2,200 (without the sales tax) and also you can order additional side dishes. 



Ms. Pamela is in charge of the kitchen and she had lived in Greek and in Japan before and she speaks fluent Japanese.


 Ms. Pamela described what's amazing about Greece is "Greeks know the best to enjoy the life at most in the world. They go to the beach daily, they enjoy eating and also dressing up. They are so passionate to be Greek."


She was enchanted by Greek while living there for two different occasions and it's needless to say that her Greek cuisine including cheese, bread, yogurt and even the pie crust are made from scratch.


So it's no wonder that everybody will come back again and again after eating there for the first time.


Now, let's move on to the amazing lunch dish.



The meal starts up with this mouthwatering Greek Salad served with her famous feta cheese! Before you know it, the dish is empty.


The main plate is served with various dish--grilled chicken, grilled lamb, Salisbury steak in the Greek style, potato, Carrot rapees, soup and cheese pie and more.


The main plate's dish changes daily depending on the seasons and availability as an effort to use locally harvested vegetables. Tzatziki is the most famous Greek dip which is made from yogurt and it is served with the main plate so that you can dip anything you desire on the plate to enjoy!.


As you can see here, there is plenty of delicious food on the plate.

Bring your biggest appetite.



You can order "dips with bread" to scope some more of delicious tzatziki dip as your choice. 



I know you must be already drooling by thinking of the Greek goodness, the best is yet to come! The layers of delicate butter and walnut Rich madness, baklava, the most popular Greek dessert.

I ordered a cup of Greek coffee additionally to compliment the dessert. 



The lunch course is also available to order to go for your convenience. Order in advance, then pick up this delicious lunch to bring to your favorite beach! This is the island style.



You also can purchase Ms. Pamela's special feta cheese as well as her original yogurt, salad dressing, and granola at the restaurant. 


Ms. Pamela enjoys a small conversation with her customers while serving her dish to the tables.

Her motto is to welcome each customer like inviting her best friend over to her home.

As Ms. Pamela is the only chef, you need to know this is not a fast food restaurant. She wishes her customers to enjoy the view, relaxing atmosphere, forget all the busy life while she is carefully preparing her delicious food for you. 



She says "At Little Greek Restaurant, you can enjoy food and conversations. We hope that all our customers become friends while dining at our restaurant. That's the Greek style! I feel like I'm at Greece while witnessing that moment at here. I much rather joining in the conversation than cooking in the kitchen sometimes!"

I bet it's not only me that the reason of going back to the restaurant is not only for the delicious food but also to see funny and amazing Ms. Pamela. 


Ms. Chie is a co-owner of the restaurant and Ms. Pamela's dear friend.  These amazing ladies make this cute and cozy restaurant an even better place.


It's guaranteed at Little Greek Kitchen that you will be welcomed by two charming ladies greeting you with their gentle smiles and you will enjoy the delicious Greek cuisine using the seasonal Okinawa harvested vegetables!



Little Greek Kitchen

Address: 1F Coral View Zanpa

1189-3 Nagahama, Yomitan Okinawa

Tel: 098-989-7777

Hours: Noon to 2 p.m. (L.O.)

Closed: Tuesday and Wednesday


*Reservation is highly recommended on weekend's lunch

*Dinner is only open on Fridays and Saturdays and reservation only.

<6 p.m. - /¥3,000 (without the sales tax) per person and chef's choice course menu only>

Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Akiko Ono



1189-3 nagahama, Yomitan Okinawa