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Get a Good Deal with Okinawa CLIP Gourmet Ticket♪10 Popular Ramen Restaurants in Naha City

post : 2017.07.20 23:00

Speaking of gourmet noodle in Okinawa, not only “Okinawa Soba,” but also ramen is popular! Did you know that many nationally known ramen restaurants are gathered in Naha City? And if you use coupons for “Okinawa CLIP Gourmet Ticket” which will be available on July 20th, 2017, you can get a good deal on special menu at each restaurant.


【1】Tsukemen Sakura 

Coupon for: Ramen Special 

10 seaweeds are decorated as they surround a bowl, and 4-BBQ pork is on top of noodles. Mixed soup of stocks including pork, chicken, and fish is fine. Also, special oil which coaxed out flavor of several types of dried fishes and spicy fish meal give ramen a kick. Enjoy its flavor bliss. 

Info about “Tsukemen Sakura”
Address: 3-9-27 Makishi, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-862-9033
Business Hours: 18:00-28:00
Closed: Mon 


【2】Akamichi Ramen Shuri Ekimae-ten 

Coupon for: Special Spicy Miso Ramen & Gyoza Special + your choice of 1 topping

By serving the ramen with self-made semi-thin noodles and the original spicy miso, you can enjoy its pleasant and rich flavor. You can pick your favorite topping from corn, egg, bamboo shoots & garlic, or white leek if you use a coupon for Okinawa CHILP Gourmet Ticket. Also, mild flavored gyoza which is made of Okinawan-produced pork and self-made thin dough comes with the ramen.

Info about “Akamichi Ramen Shuri Ekimae-ten”
Address: 4-23 Shuri Torihori-cho, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-800-8001
Business Hours: 11:00-26:00
Closed: open throughout the year 


【3】Ramen Namizou 

Coupon for: Namizou Ramen Special

The rich and mild flavored soup is based on pork stock, and added the special soy sauce and back fat. This Namizou style of special ramen is served with extra-thick noodles. Also, vegetables including chopped leaf mustard, Kujo scallion, and crunchy texture of Kagoshima-produced sprout are on top of noodles. Enjoy the special ramen by adding your favorite seasoning including garlic, spicy chili oil, and more. 

Info about “Ramen Namizou”
Address: 2-28-9 Tsuji, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-862-1806
Business Hours: 11:00-22:00
Closed: Wed 



Coupon for: Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen Special

The soup has been replenished for 15 years, and it contains a good balance of its freshness and rich flavor. The soup goes well with the thick noodles, and 4-BBQ pork and 3-dumpling are on top of noodles, so it is a good enough volume to eat. Ingredients including spinach, scallion, egg, and 10 seaweeds decorate a bowl, and they make the ramen as a filling dish. Let’s try it, so you will become addicted.

Info about “Ryukyu-Chirudai”

Address: 2-1-19 Makishi, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-862-9033
Business Hours: 11:30-18:00
Closed: Mon & Tue


【5】Hayate-maru Kumoji Branch

Coupon for: Shio Ramen (w/ toppings)

The main office of Hayate-maru is situated in Sapporo City, Hokkaido. Hokkaido is known as the hometown of ramen, and 6 branches are located in Okinawa. Out of a variety of ramen in the menu, the staff will be serving Shio Ramen this time. The soup is a mixture of boiled pork stock and Okinawan-produced salt sauce. Also, toppings of salt and macrophyll bring out the flavor of ramen. 

Info about “Hayate-maru”
Address: 3-15-1 Kumoji, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-861-0239
Business Hours: Sun-Thu 11:30-25:00 / Fri & Sat 11:30-27:00
Closed: open throughout the year



Coupon for: Tsukemen with Rich Flavored Pork and Seafood Sauce + Braised Pork Belly

This is a popular restaurant which is always listed on the popular tsukemen (dipping noodles) restaurants in Okinawa. The process of making soup is to boil pork, chicken, dried sardine, and dried bonito all at once, and leave it for hours to mature. After adding special soy sauce and dried sardine oil, the flavor of soup gets rich, and then the whole process will be completed. Braised pork belly comes with the ramen as a set.

Info about “Sanchikuju”
Address: 1-70-1 Mekaru, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-868-8933
Business Hours: 11:30-21:30
Closed: irregularly


【7】Tsukemen Tsubaki 

Coupon for: Tsukemen with Rich Shrimp Sauce + Large Deep-fried Chicken

This is a sister restaurant of “Sanshikuju,” the popular tsukemen restaurant in Okinawa, and you can try Tsukemen with rich shrimp sauce. The soup is made with uniquely cooked shrimp stock and pork stock, and both stocks make this soup rich taste and flavor. Large deep-fried chicken comes with the ramen, so it must be a good deal.

Info about “Tsukemen Tsubaki”
Address: 2-2-5 1F Ameku, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-863-8577
Business Hours: 11:30-21:30
Closed: irregularly


【8】Ramen Santouka

Coupon for: Special Pork Jowls Meat Ramen

The main office of Ramen Santouka is situated in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido. It has about 50 branches in and out of Japan, and Okinawa Branch has opened in 2016. Since the pork broth does not have its smell, it is quite popular for female customers also. This time, the staff gives a special offer of the ramen with miso flavored soup. Rare pork jowls meat and half-boiled egg are also served as toppings, so it is good enough to fill your stomach.

Info about “Ramen Santouka”
Address: 664-22 Aja, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-987-6278
Business Hours: 11:00-22:30
Closed: open throughout the year


【9】Misaki Koh Ramen

Coupon for: Special Rich Seafood & Tonkotsu Ramen + drink

The soup is made by mixing tenderly boiled pork stock and seafood stock with bonito, mackerel, and dried sardine. Its creamy soup and chewy whole-wheat noodles make a good combination. A variety of ingredients including shrimp, scallop, and minced crab are also attractive. The collaboration between pork and seafood makes the chemistry work well. Also don’t forget to pay attention to the specially made Imari ware bowl!

Info about “Misaki Koh Ramen”
Address: 1-4-6 Omoromachi, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-869-6585
Business Hours: 11:30-21:30
Closed: Mon 



Coupon for: Special Ramen

Ichirikido follows the style of Ichijoji, Kyoto Prefecture where is known as the ramen mecca in Kansai region. By following the Ichijoji style, Ichirikido produced this Special Ramen. The soup is made with chicken stock (domestically produced chicken) & soy sauce with fat back. Specially made medium-fine noodles go well with its soup. Full of Kujo scallion are on the top of ramen, and this is Kyoto style of ramen. Also, you are able to choose the thickness of noodles and the volume of fat back. 

Info about “Ichirikido”
Address: 1-3-11 Makishi, Naha City (Map)
Tel: 098-943-6256
Business Hours: 11:30-15:00 / 18:00-21:30
Closed: Thu

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