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Doug's Burger - 100% Miyako Island beef with no additives

post : 2017.07.13 07:00

You will notice the juiciness and flavor of Japanese mustard when you bite into this burger – and the fluffiness of the buns. Doug's Burger has been one of the famous lunch places of Miyako Island since they opened five years ago.



Before anything else I should mention their special hamburger beef. They use only Miyako Island beef and lots of it. You may have heard about Ishigaki Island beef, which is very popular. The owner of Doug’s decided to start his hamburger shop in Miyako in order to promote local Miyako beef, which they say is just as good as Ishigaki's.



The buns are from a local bakery, handmade, additive-free and really bring out the flavor of the meat.


Doug, the owner was born in Japan and is an attorney now living in California. He loves fishing and chasing the big catch. He discovered Miyako Island while he was chasing a giant tuna.


He flew back and forth between Tokyo, San Francisco and Miyako Island for a while, and he decided to open this burger shop in order to convey the charms of the island to as many people as possible.



Yellow fin tuna turned into tuna salad and tuna steak at his burger shop. The fish is not fatty but tasty, and he prepares it perfectly.



You can also enjoy original blend coffee at the shop next door. Four kinds of coffee, from dark to light roast in this stylish shop make a perfect make break time perfect any time of day.


Doug’s original leather bags are also available to purchase.


Doug's Burger is an expression of love for Miyako Island and an appreciation of local ingredients.


Doug's Burger

Address: 1153-3-101 Hirara Shimozato, Miyakojima City, Okinawa

tel: 0980-79-0930

Open All Year

Hours: 11:00-22:00(last order 21:30)



Okinawa CLIP photo writer Sandy