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Series / Island Blessing, Island Taste Part 27 Shikuwasa

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Plate by Tatsuya Morinaga (1,080 yen incl. tax)

“Shikuwasa (flat lemon)” is very much known Okinawan specialty. It is a citrus with fresh yellow colored pulp and covered with deep green colored skin.

Its bitter astringency and tangy flavor help you to relieve your fatigue that comes from the summer sunshine. The harvest time is from July – next February, and it is surprisingly long. “Green shikuwasa” is going to be harvested from July – October, and it is cooked as a vinegared dish. Shikuwasa that harvests from October – December is going to be used as the liquid concentrate. Shikuwasa turns its color from deep green to orange around January, and its name changes to “Kugani” and it will be available at markets. It has more acid flavor than orange, so local children make sour faces when they eat Kugani.

Speaking of the way to enjoy the taste of shikuwasa for adults is… 

Awamori, that’s the essential to the long summer nights of Okinawa. Sometimes it is good to pour Awamori into kara kara (sake container) and drink it while looking at the moon in the sky. If you squeeze shikuwasa and add to Awamori, it makes the Awamori’s flavor fresh and smooth, and it makes you want to have another one.

A sake set & plate by Katsushi Shimabukuro (kara kara 10,800 yen incl. tax / a sake set 6,480 yen / a plate 7,560 yen)

However, the only problem is that shikuwasa contains lots of small seeds. When you cut it into round slices and squeeze it, its seeds drop out of it. I bet many people experienced it before.

A convenient tool to solve this problem, it is a toothpick. Stick it on the other side of shikuwasa cap and stick it all the way to the half of it, and then move it around. 

Remove the toothpick once, and stick it again as its thin part goes to the bottom. So when you squeeze it, its juice drips down the toothpick without dropping down the seeds. Now the problem was solved!

Shikuwasa contains lots of nutrients including vitamin C and citric acid. This time, I want to give you a recipe for my original syrup that children might like.

“Honey Ginger Syrup with Shikuwasa”

Ingredients (4 people) 

* 3 -4 shikuwasa
* Proper amount of honey
*15g / 05oz of ginger 


1. Build up the layers of sliced shikuwasa and sliced ginger alternately inside a sterilized container.

2. Pour in just enough honey to cover shikuwasa and ginger.

3. Leave it in a refrigerator for 2 – 3 days, and it is ready.

Ryukyu glass by Sakae Matsumoto (2,160 yen incl. tax) 

Pour the amount of ginger syrup into a glass, mix it with soda water and drink it as shikuwasa soda in the summer. If you add hot water, then you can have hot ginger drink in the winter. It helps to keep the core of your body warm and improve your immune system, so don’t you want to drink it to prevent the cold?

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