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Series / Island Blessing, Island Taste Part 25

post : 2017.07.21 18:00

(Plate by Tatsuya Morinaga) 

“Fuchiba” is one of medical herbs to represent Okinawa. 

Fuchiba means “Ryukyuan mugwort” in Okinawa. “Fuchi” indicates disease, and “ba” is leaves. Fuchiba is effective for backache, neuralgia, cold symptoms, gastroenteritis, cold sensitivity and gynopathy. It also works to maintain health before/after giving birth to children. From the old days, people used to brew its leaves and drunk it. Since it is also used for moxa, it is a familiar vegetable as domestic medicine and edible use for Okinawan people.

Mugwort is mainly used to make sweets such as rice cake or cookies in Mainland Japan. In Okinawa, it is valued as a medical herb and a vegetable. Its flavor is not strong as the one in Mainland Japan, but it has an aroma. Usually the soft tips of its leaves are used for cooking, and it is good to cook as Tempura, Jushi (Okinawan seasoned rice), Boro boro jushi (Okinawan porridge), goat soup, and Okinawa soba.

Some households add Fuchiba when they make treats for children who do not like its aroma.

This time, we would like to make “Fuchiba Hirayachi” which is popular dish as a treat and a nibble to represent Okinawa.

(Plate by Yoshiriki Yamada)

“Hirayachi” is a homemade dish. After making dough by mixing flour, water, and egg, add your favorite ingredients and grill it flatly. Everybody will be happy when it is served for lunch, treat, nibble, or other type of occasion. 

Each household uses different ingredients. This time, we would like to use Fuchiba, Sakura shrimp, bonito flakes, and leftover pork back ribs lol

You can make the gorgeous one when you have lots of ingredients, but it also tastes good simply with vegetables and salt.

Put oil in a frying pan, pour 1 scoop of dough into it, use the back of scoop and spread the dough thinly. Next, flip it over with a kitchen flipper when bubbles start to show up.

(Plate by Yoshiriki Yamada)

Grill it until golden brown, put it in a plate, cut it into pieces, and let’s eat.

Once you take a bite of Hirayachi, the aroma of Fuchiba spreads around you. The flavor of Sakura shrimp and rich flavor of pork back ribs made Hirayachi more gorgeous than regular ones.

You can also make its taste as plain, dip it in nam pla or one of these Island’s spices and eat it. I have no doubt that you are going to get hooked.

This is the dish which is loved by the wide range of people from children to elderlies. It is also good to eat in your daily life because it is effective for your health management.

【Ingredients】(serves 4) 

*Proper quantity Fuchiba (the one with soft tip)
*Small quantity pork back ribs
*1 tablespoon Sakura Shrimp
*Small quantity bonito flakes

*1.5 cup flour
*1 egg
*1.5 cup water


Shooting studio and styling: Gallery Haraiso

Okinawa CLIP photo writer: monobox (Tetsumasa and Kozue Kono)