Okinawa Tourism Information:Enjoyasatisfyingmealmadefromthebestselectionoflocalbeef,porkandchickenatShabushabuKou

Enjoy a satisfying meal made from the best selection of local beef, pork and chicken at Shabushabu Kou

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Renowned teppanyaki Steak Restaurant Heki in Naha opened this shabushabu specialty shop in July, 2015.



The restaurant was launched in a newly-constructed building that was completed in July of 2015. The pleasant scent of the wood paneling and the sense of cleanliness add a luxurious air to the restaurant’s ambience.




One feature of a shabushabu (hot pot) meal is that you can choose your favorite meat -- beef, pork or chicken -- to prepare yourself in the pot. Meat comes from local suppliers and all are known for their great flavor.


Okinawa Wagyu Beef is 5,400  yen for 150 grams (tax included). The pork is Shimabuta Aguu at 4,320 yen per 150 grams and the chicken is Kume Island Akadori  (gaining in popularity recently) for 3,240 yen per 150 grams.  The three meats listed are the best of their types in Okinawa.



First, let’s try the Okinawa Wagyu. The beautiful red color of the fresh meat will make your mouth water. The elegant texture is apparent from first bite. Well-marbled slices are flavorful with moderate viscosity and a beautiful cream color – and of course they are very tender. Blanch pieces just briefly so that you don't degrade the great flavor and texture. You will love it.



Okinawa's native pork, Shimabuta Aguu, also has great marbling. It also has a natural sweetness and incredible flavor. Aguu is reputed to be of better quality than regular pork in more than just flavor. For example, compared to regular pork, it contains a quarter of the cholesterol but double amount of glutamine acid. It is known for the mild scent, tenderness and the sweet-tasting fat. Shabushabu is one of the best ways to enjoy this special local meat.



Kume Island Akadori chickens are raised in spacious and natural environments. They are given plenty of exercise and plant based feed (moromi vinegar, turmeric, gettou ginger and so on) to make them plump with great quality meat that is tender and firm. I dip the meat into the hot water and wait until it turns white. I can’t wait!


In order to enjoy the chicken fully, sashimi is the best to way. Chicken Sashimi Plate (1,512 yen) is the sublime way to serve this fresh hygienically prepared special dish.


Pictured below from the left: Plump breast meat, seared flavorful thigh and breast strips. The item is a great choice as a side dish to your shabushabu dinner.



They try to use local fresh vegetables and fruits as much as possible. That should be an important consideration for tourists picking a restaurant.


A terrific selection of alcohol -- beer, awamori (Okinawan sake) and shochu are available. Also, the wine selection is excellent. Their cellar usually contains about 20 different types. Wine is a great choice for your meat dishes. Wine with Japanese meat dishes is a great combination of flavors that you are sure to appreciate.



The name of the shop Kou (“navy blue”) actually has an interesting relationship with the name of the sister steak restaurant Heki (“green”). The owners wished to express the periodic changing colors of Okinawa’s beautiful sea in the names of their shops. When they opened Kou, the Heki group completed the circle of beauty in their unique worldview.


“We use safe and fresh local ingredients to our dishes,” said head chef Shuichi Uechi. “Enjoy the great quality of our Okinawan food in the terrific ambience of our restaurant.” Uechi’s long experience in various Japanese restaurants in Okinawa and on the mainland ensures the best quality in food.



When your vacation schedule is tight but you want to eat the best quality Okinawan meat dishes, pay them a visit. Their high quality food will satisfy you and make you want to come back!


Shabushau Kou

Address: 19-25 Higashi-machi, Naha City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-917-3200
Hours:  Lunch 11:00 (last order 15:00); Dinner 17:00 – 23:00 (last order 22:00)
Open: Daily




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