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Bingata Studio "Benikichi" Where Sesokojima Island's Red Tile Roofs and Ruddy Kingfishers Welcomes You

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Crossing the  Great Sesoko Bridge over the Motobu Peninsula you can find the little island with a population 800 called Sesokojima Island.
Sesoko Beach on the west side of the island is well known for its beauty. In summer a large number of visitors enjoy marine activities there. You can also see the symbol of Iejima, the Iejima Tacchu, at the front of the beach.

Going through the garnicia trees of the hamlet, you will see an old folk house with red roof tiles with ruddy kingfishers themed noren(traditional cloth dividers).
Passing through the noren, the world of the Bingata Studio "Benikichi" awaits you.

At the studio, hair accesories, fans, umbrellas, handkerchiefs and some other small goods are on display.

They also have items such as tapestries and rolls of cloth which can be made to order.
You can let them choose the design or let them know how would you like it. They can use dragons,  ruddy kingfishers,  lagoon triggerfish as designs. Those are rarely used in the Bingata.

At the studio they have design sketches placed in an offhanded manner.

Keeping traditional techniques, they always try a new designs and challenges. That’s what I felt when I saw the sketches laying around in an offhanded manner.

Nobuko Yoshida the artist of Bingata Studio "Benikichi".
She moved to Okinawa to attend college about 17 years ago.
When she was learning dyeing techniques she entered the world of Bingata and has been a Bingata artist since then.

When asked why she came to Okinawa, at the time there was a commercial and when she flowing oceans of Okinawa she thought "Definitely Okinawa!!" and that she is when decided to relocate as she explains with a laugh.
She opens a roll of cloth she made when she was a student.

Without forgetting her original thoughts, she always tries to design something new.
We are sure that she will keep making colorful and various new Bingata.

Bingata Studio "Benikichi"

Address:94 Sesoko, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun
TEL: 0980-47-4451
Days of Operation: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays.
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 5:00PM

Official Website:
Official Blog: Bingata Studio "Benikichi" Where Sesokojima Island's Red Tile Roofs and Ruddy Kingfishers Welcomes You

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94 Sesoko, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun