Okinawa Tourism Information:Exciting&Thrilling!AnExplorationSpectacleRareforOkinawa!AMysteriousUndergroundWorld“MatsudaCave”

Exciting & Thrilling! An Exploration Spectacle Rare for Okinawa! A Mysterious Underground World “Matsuda Cave”

post : 2014.05.09 18:00

A mysterious cave “Matsuda Cave”stretches out more than 200m in the underground of Ginoza Village.

Last year Ginoza Village Tourism Promotion Council developed this cave as a full-scale exploration course to start an exploration activity program.

At the tour reception in “Matsuda Community Experience Exchange Center,”you wear the basic equipment (helmet, headlight, boots, cotton work gloves), four of which are free.  If you want to rent a coverall, it costs you \500.  After 5 minute walk, you will arrive at the cave entrance.  First, you make uutoutou (a prayer) at the tomb of the family of ancient extraction, next to the entrance. After the orientation by a guide, this is it!  You will go into the cave!

Matsuda Cave stretches from the western hilly area of Matsuda Community to the eastern seaside. It is estimated that the cave was formed about 100,000 years ago. Your heart goes pitter-pat all the time with the ever changing situations coming one after another. In one area, you will see a large hall with 12m high ceiling while in another area, you will crawl in a narrow passage. 

The cave is rich in the kinds of stalactites. You will enjoy the 8m high flowstone, rim stone dam, stalagmites, and many other minerals.

After getting down from the entrance, you will see the whole view of the large hall, Uunumee Cave.

During the course, you find no concrete footing but only a minimum of handrails and ladders to appreciate this world.  All you can rely on is a headlight.  Just follow your guide and halfway feel your way slowly. 


For the first half of the course you walk along the underground stream with a bare flow.

This hall looks seemingly simple, but it is 1.3m deep!  So please watch your steps very carefully.

What a powerful drapery!  You can find this kind of dynamic view everywhere in the cave.

Straw… a soda straw called “Straw,” which will take thousands years to grow "Tsuraraishi (stalactite like an icicle)."

"Tsuraraishi"… which will take a little more (actually a couple more decades) for the top and the bottom to combine together.

Oh, here they are! Oogeji (house centipede), 45 to 60mm long. Two of them stick to the ceiling!

The encounter rate No.1 creature is kuroiwatokagemodoki (Kuroiwa's ground gecko), which is 15 to 18mm long.  Unfortunately none of them appeared on the day.

(The photo given by Matsuda Cave Office)

Other than these two living things, kokikugashirakoumori (The Little Japanese Horseshoe Bat), kamadouma (Rhaphidophoridae), kumo (spiders) and unagi (eels), tenagaebi (Freshwater prawn), and some other kinds live in the cave.

Ponpokoishi…a good luck stone which is said to bring romance


After going through watery place, flat sandy area, wide and narrow, large and small, high and low, up and down…about 2 hour, intensive, quick-packed tour, you will arrive at the Kushi tomb at the exit!

I had never felt sunlight so dazzling before. Phew!             

The program is held three times a day (Reservation is required before 16:00 on the day before the tour.)

If you don’t like a dark, narrow area, they have an easy walking tour “Walking tour to a limestone cave, Meegaa Cave and its surrounding historic sites.” (about 1 hour / \1,000)

This could be only one cave exploration spectacle in Okinawa.

I guarantee a refreshing, extraordinary excitement and heart-pounding experience!!

Matsuda Cave
Limestone Cave Exploration Course

TEL: 098-968-8787(Ginoza Village Tourism Promotion Council)
Address: 78 Matsuda, Ginoza Village
Open 365 days a year
Departure time: 10:00, 14:00, 16:00
Duration: about 2 hours
Minimum participants count: 2 to 10 persons
Admission: 3,0000 yen both for adult and children (group discount available)
Parking: Available

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)