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A Plan to Walk Castle Town of Ryukyu Kingdom “Shuri”

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Shurijo Castle is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site called “the Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu,” and it is one of the sightseeing spots where many tourists visit in Okinawa. If you were planning to go to Shurijo Castle, you may need extra time and activity to have more fun in “Shuri.” This time, we will suggest some spots to visit in Shuri. Visit these spots by taking plenty of time, you will find out more attractiveness of Shuri.

Great Akagi Tree in Shuri Kinjo-cho which is Known as a Sacred Spot

There are some sacred spots in Shurijo Castle and nearby areas, and the most famous spot is a big tree in Shuri Kinjo-cho called “Great Akagi tree.” It is estimated to be over 200 years old, and 6 huge trees spread huge branches and stand straight. It is believed that the God comes down to trees and make someone’s wish comes true once a year. This spot is commonly known among local people, and some people walk around this spot.

Stone-paved Road in Shuri Kinjo-cho is close to the spot, so feel the atmosphere of castle town. Good-old historic townscape might make you feel as if time stopped here.

Great Akagi Tree in Shuri Kinjo-cho 
Address: near Stone-paved Road in Shuri Kinjo-cho, Naha City

Make Your One and Only Item in the World! “Coral Dyeing Workshop” at Shuri Ryusen

Bingata (traditional dyeing method in Okinawa) products such as Kimono, obi (kimono belt), and others are available at “Shuri Ryusen.” It is a traditional Bingata shop in Shuri, and they offer workshops on “Bingata” and “Coral dyeing.” These workshops are popular among tourists as well, and this is the only shop where you can try "Coral dyeing."

Set up a cloth over fossil corals, and start dyeing by using 4 colors. Colors include red, yellow, blue, and purple. Also, the colors can be used up to 16 colors by mixing them. Characteristic of each color reflects on the cloth, and its finish does not seem like a beginner dyes it. How about making it for yourself or friends as souvenir? One and only item could be a memorable item more than anything else. 

Shuri Ryusen
Address: 1-54 Shuri Yamagawa-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098‐886‐1131

Let’s Eat Okinawa Soba at “Udunyama” After Walking and Workshop

A restaurant “Udunyama” is located on top of a hill in Shuri, and you can have delicious Okinawa soba here. The traditional building is more than 150 years old, and greens surround the building. The beautiful view does not seem like it is in the center of a city.

The original soba noodle is made by using scum. It comes out from dissolved water with ash of Bayan trees. They make noodle by following the traditional style of method. A variety of dishes such as “Okinawa soba,” “Soki (pork rib) soba,” “Vegetables soba,” and “Wheat germ soba” are served here. Soup is made by boiling pork bone, onion, Awamori (Okinawan sake), and mix of bonito & kelp broth. The soup is not too heavy and has its rich flavor.  

This might be a good place to stop by when you visit Shuri. You can feel its relaxed atmosphere and enjoy eating delicious Okinawa soba at the traditional housing. 

Addresss: 1-121-2 Shuri Ishimine-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098‐885‐5498

You might able to have more fun at these selected spots when you visit Shuri. If you were visiting Shuri, it must be good to do something that cannot do or experience something only in this area. How about visiting here with your friends or family and have a wonderful experience?

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