Okinawa Tourism Information:OnlyOneMinutefromArahaBeach!MAYBEBAKERYinChatanisOpenfrom7AM

Only One Minute from Araha Beach! MAYBE BAKERY in Chatan is Open from 7AM

post : 2018.12.17 06:00

“What do they mean by MAYBE Bakery?”

That was the first thing I thought when I heard the name of this bakery located in Chatan, in the central area of Okinawa.

The owner, Masayuki Osawa explains with a laugh, “We are, without a doubt, a bakery. I named it Maybe Bakery in hopes that my customers can connect with various things when they come here, and walk away with more than just bread and pastries. That connection can be between people, and things like handmade goods from India we sell as well, or plants that we have inside. All these things are available, on top of bread, so I think that people will naturally think, ‘Yeah, I THINK this is a bakery…maybe.’”

Masayuki is originally from Tokyo and he explained how he moved to Okinawa and came about starting his business. “I believe that I can’t make my customers happy unless I’m having fun doing what I’m doing. So, I apologize, but I bake the types of bread that I like to bake and according to my own pace, not the customers’. I felt that I could bake bread in my own rhythm in Okinawa, where time seems to pass by more leisurely.”

Maybe Bakery opened for business in October of 2012. Up until then, Masayuki says he never felt the desire to open his own business.

He personally likes Danishes and so eventually, he decided to enter the world of bread. Various Danish breads are available at Maybe Bakery which, to him, are the foundation to his work.

With more and more people conscientious of food safety, his customers often ask where the ingredients are from. Masayuki explains that he only uses ingredients that he can proudly announce to his customers, and his custard cream, chocolate, tomato sauce, basil sauce and others that he uses for his pastries and savory breads are all homemade with ingredients from trustworthy sources.

Among the 20 or so various selections on the counter, the croissant and the chocolate croissant baked with additional whole wheat flour are especially popular, along with the cinnamon rolls that he bakes with homemade cinnamon cream rolled into the sweet dough. He says the cinnamon rolls, with their delicious aroma of butter, sell out as soon as they’re displayed on the counter.

Among the savory breads, the most popular is the one with curry wurst sausages made in Okinawa, topped with tomato sauce and curry cheese sauce.

Masayuki says, “I like breads that have the aroma of flour.” The dough for his baguettes are leavened over a long period and baked at high temperatures to achieve the crunchy, aromatic crust and the moist texture inside. With one bite, the aroma of flour spreads and the taste enhances as you chew. If you normally enjoy your baguettes with butter or olive oil, try it first on its own.

The Roggenmischbrot, or the vegetable sandwich, is rich in fiber and minerals and is a very healthy choice. The sandwich has Okinawan handama leaf vegetable, carrots, pumpkin, gouda cheese, and green curl lettuce between slices of rye bread, and is also another favorite with the health conscious customers.

Even while I was interviewing him, the breads and pastries were selling fast, and I secretly thought, “I hope the ones I want to buy afterwards won’t sell out…” The shop is small and comfortable, and the breads and pastries available there all look so delicious and will keep your eyes wondering. What a pleasure it is to choose from such a great selection.

Maybe Bakery is open from 7:00 in the morning, and there’s an eat-in space inside. Masayuki says some customers have their breakfasts here before they head off to work, and on their days off, they bring their families to enjoy the breads and pastries together. He also says there are customers who come twice a day, for breakfast AND lunch!

A short walk away from the bakery is Araha Beach, a popular area for people to enjoy walking and jogging. If you get your goodies to go, I recommend enjoying them at Araha Beach, too. A light jog (or walk) in the morning, and then to Maybe Bakery for a nice, leisurely breakfast…that may also be a great morning routine.


Address: 2-18-6 Chatan, Chatan Town, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-911-6923
Business Hours: 7:00-18:00
Closed: Every Wednesday & 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer, Sachiko