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Yonar’s Magic Faucet

post : 2014.05.16 21:00

I had heard that a shop producing goods using local ingredients including shiikuwaasaa in Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi has a magic-like faucet.  So I came to “Okinawa Local Products Sales  Yonar’s Main Shop. 


What do you think the magic faucet looks like?
Just an ordinary faucet came into my view.

A little disappointed by the non-descript faucet, I got it turned on.
Guess what was coming out of the faucet?  Juice!
One of the Okinawa’s specialties, “Shiikuwaasaa 100% Juice made in Ogimi Village” is coming out of the faucet built at Yona’s!


Do you know Shiikuwaasaa?
Shiikuwaasaa is a famous citrus fruit in Okinawa, about 4 cm in diameter. 


When you peel the green skin, you see this yellow fruit.

For Okinawan people, just taking a look at it reminds them its acid flavor and makes their mouth sour.  Shiikuwaasaa is such a sour fruit.  
It has a very high acidity, which is different from that lemon has.
In Okinawa, we often use shiikuwaasaa by squeezing into a juice, sake, or cooking.

Shiikuwaasaa juice coming out of the faucet is free for as much as you can drink!

 “I would like as many people as possible to drink this healthy, tasty shiikuwaasaa juice!”
“How happy it could be if a juice were coming out of a faucet!”

Because of the president’s childhood dream and his love for the fruit brought this faucet to be built at Yonar’s.
Now he presents this tasty juice to many customers, from children to adults, with his smile.    

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Yoar’s is located just within a 5-minute car drive from these places.

As the shop is near the airport and rent-a-car companies, you can conveniently stop by on your way back to the airport!                
It has many souvenirs that you can buy only here.

Okinawa Clip offers benefit to our readers.
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When you visit Yonar’s Main Shop, please tell the staff “Okinawa Clip wo Mita. (I saw your shop in Okinawa Clip).”


Okinawa Local Products Sales  Yonar’s Main Shop

Address: 3-84, Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 098-850-8633
Hours: 9:00~18:00(Food L.O 17:30)
Open 365 days a year
Parking: Available


Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Taiki Gushiken