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Drinkable Mochi!? The Health Drink of Ishigaki Island "Brown Rice Milk"

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Do you know about "brown rice milk"? It isn't coffee flavored milk.

Once you drink it, it is viscous and sweet. It is a strange drink that is like melted mochi.


The ingredients are brown rice, brown cane sugar and water. The drink, made with simple ingredients, has high nutritional value, and has been drank as such since long ago in Okinawan households.

In Ishigaki it is being made at Yaeyama Bussan Hachitokuya.


This brown rice milk is one out of the ten items selected for the USIO Design Project which aims to redesign local products from Ishigaki.

We will introduce Atsuji Honda who is the designer in charge.


The USIO Design Project is a project that aims to rediscover the charms of Ishigaki Island through design.



This is Yaeyama Bussan Hachitokuya, which makes brown rice milk on Ishigaki Island.


The shop owner, Tokuhiga, took over the manufacturer and shop of Arashiro Brown Rice Milk, and is passionate about being passed down that taste and equipment.



Two o'clock in the morning. The process for making brown rice milk starts from water being boiled.   



The brown rice is added to the water and cooked in a pot, brown cane sugar in syrup form is added, while looking at the color and viscosity the consistent flavor is completed. This straightforward work is done everyday.



The freshly made brown rice milk is delivered to homes and sold in convenience stores on Ishigaki Island.



"Amazing..." says the impessed Honda, who in the dark of the witching hours came to observed the working of manufacturing.



This is the new package designed by Honda.


It is a design that allows people to feel the story of the tradition and simplicity in a new way while making people from the cities want to buy it.



The color of the printing and the shape of the bottle are also planned to be looked into as well.



"I want to give a design that shows care put into the manufacturing process of brown rice milk,"said Honda.


Along with this package renewal, new bottling processings are being tried, so that the expiry period which has been one day up until now may be extended a little longer.


So the days of drinking brown rice milk outside of island and being able to buy it as a souvenir to take back home are probably close at hand.

It is planned to completed in spring 2014, so look forward to it.


USIO Design Project



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