Okinawa Tourism Information:KaisendonwithLoveofFreshnessandLocal“FreshFishandDeep-FriedFishRYUKYU”

Kaisendon with Love of Freshness and Local “Fresh Fish and Deep-Fried Fish RYUKYU”

post : 2014.05.21 18:00

“Fresh Fish and Deep-Fried Fish RYUKYU,”a fish shop always crowded with many customers, is located in the Ginowan City Fishing Port.

In the shop, local fish freshly caught in the morning are on display, including taman (blue emperor), gurukun (double-lined fusilier), renkodai (golden tai), hireekaa (sleek unicornfish).  
They are delicious. locally-caught fish. 

*The words in italics are Okinawan fish name.

You can not only buy freshly-caught fish but also enjoy freshly-prepared food.

The most popular menu here is kaisendon (bowl of rice topped with sashimi) with fresh maguro (tuna), gaara (Giant trevally), machi (flame snapper), seeika (Diamond squid), tsumuburi (rainbow runner), irabuchaa (knobsnout parrotfish), etc. caught in the sea around Okinawa.
Maybe you hear many unfamiliar fish names.

Fish that they catch for the day will be used for sashimi topping in kaisendon. That is also the best part of direct delivery from the fishing port.
Fish that they catch varies according to season, you can enjoy the change in four seasons in the water around Okinawa through sashimi topping in kaisendon.

The shop will provide the only ocean-fresh fish on the day.
Only fish shop can provide the freshness and reasonable price, which is the best appeal of this shop.

A 27 year-old young owner, Mr. Toguchi runs this popular shop.
After graduating from senior high school, he went to the U.S. and learned sushi-making business, and four years later he opened his own shop in Myanmar.

“I had nothing particular I wanted to do, so I went to the U.S.”
He is a very active, sushi professional who reverse-imported sushi culture.
That’s why the shop has a variety of California roll he mastered in America.

For your information, among all his California rolls, “Gushiken roll,”which is named after a famous Okinawa sir name, is very popular.  “Gushiken roll” includes shrimp tempura, vinegared rice and eel, and avocado.

But among all the menu items, the most popular one is kaisendon, which is also shown on the shop’s sign.  It is nice that you can enjoy kaisendon with full of local fish topping just for \700. 

Since the foreign countries have no raw food culture, he had to import frozen fish from different places, which brought him passion on “local”and “freshness”since he came back to Okinawa. 

“I want not only the local people but also many people outside of Okinawa to enjoy Okinawa’s tasty fish as much as they can.”
It is this passion of him that makes him prepare delicious sushi and kaisendon and makes this shop popular with many customers. 

“Fresh Fish and Deep-Fried Fish RYUKYU”

Address: 7-1350-81, Oyama, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 070-5818-4426
Hours: 11:00~18:00
     (17:30 Last Order)
Closed on a day when he has no fish to sell
Parking: For more than 50 cars (Parking shared with Ginowan Yui Marche)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Taiki Gushiken