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Okinawa traditional delicacy "Irabu"

post : 2013.08.27 16:00

Irabu is made on Kudaka Island, Okinawa Prefecture.
The irabu is a sea snake called the erabu black-banded sea krait.
According to the island's tradition, instead of fishermen only maidens called "noro" were allowed to fish the irabu, and it was the custom to catch these highly venomous snakes with one's bare hands. Today, to keep with tradition, two men of the island are fishing them as substitutes for the head of the village.
Irabu contains plenty of proteins and vitamins, and it has been popular through the ages in Okinawa as a luxury ingredient in medicinal cooking.
Irabu soup, made of dried irabu softened up through boiling and cooked along with its broth, pork meat and konbu, is famous.
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