Okinawa Tourism Information:AWhiteSandyUninhabitedIslandThatIsLikeParadiseattheEdgeofKumeIsland

A White Sandy Uninhabited Island That Is Like Paradise at the Edge of Kume Island

post : 2014.05.23 16:00

Located 5km away from Kume Island, there is a popular spot that is becoming emblematic of tourism in Kume Island called Hatenohama Beach, located on a desert island.

The beauty of the white sandy beach with a 360 degree view of the emerald green ocean is being called the best in the Far East and is being used as a shooting location for a variety of commericals and movies.

It is a dreamlike paradise which will allow you to completely forget your everyday life.



To get to Hateno Beach, there are ferry services at "Haku Fisherina"that can be used.

If you go on a glass-bottom boat tour, if you are lucky you may see a sea turtle sleeping on the sea floor or a lot of fish.



Hatenohama Beach is the combination of three sandy beaches, "Menuhama Beach", "Nakanohama Beach" and "Hatenohama Beach" which adds up to be 7km long in total.



With the beautiful sea in front of you, you won't be able to resist going in, even if for just a little while.

Of course you can go for a swim, but to see clownfish and other colorful tropical fish, which are also in shallow water, snorkelling is recommended.

Naturally with scuba diving, if you go out into the open water it is a natural aquarium.

Even without water sports equipment, just by ripping up a piece of bread and throwing it into the sea, a lot of fish will gather.



When in season, beach umbrellas and swim rings are available for rent , but besides these there is nothing to block the sun, so measures to prevent sunburns are needed.  

It is also a good idea to bring drinking water.




It is recommended to go during neap tide or half tide.

During spring tide there is a lot of time when it is low tide and rolling rocks are exposed. 

Aim to go when the tide is full, and the heartmoving view of the fantastical white beach will fill your heart.


Hateno Beach

5km by ferry from "Haku Fisherina" on Kume Island 


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