Okinawa Tourism Information:“kittaNijiiroKusakizome”NaturalDyeingBlendingintoBountifulForestofYanbaru

“kitta Nijiiro Kusakizome” Natural Dyeing Blending into Bountiful Forest of Yanbaru

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A workshop “kitta Nijiiro (rainbow-colored) Kusakizome (natural dyeing)” stands near the sea around Ogimi Village. The owners moved their base to Okinawa from Chiba in 2011.  They have been producing clothes using natural blessings and adding rainbow colors.  Typical Okinawa’s plants such as Ryukyu indigo and fukugi (Common garcinia) joining kitta dyeing, dyed fabrics are harmonically-coupled with the forest in Yanbaru.


Each thread which is carefully dyed from gentle color to brilliant one will be woven to create the colorful world.

 “Use material that goes back to the earth and make clothes that goes back to the earth.”
With the idea, kitta, Mrs, Yuko Sawano make clothes.

Her husband and dyeing artist, sawa, Mr. Takashi Sawano works together with her as they can communicate without words.

He cultivates Ryukyu indigo as the first step for self-supplied dyestuff.
He grows, picks, ferments, and dyes Ryukyu indigo.
Sawa-san’s passion can be seen in his careful work.

Dyed cloth will be changed into beautiful clothes to wear or cloth to wrap small articles with by kitta-san.

This is a work of kitta-san, who said this.
“I have wanted to make a clothe that are harmonically-coupled with the scenery around.”
Once you wear it, you immediately know it.  How comfortable it is!
You feel like being in the nature and recovering your breath.


Small products looking like a pallet for kitta dyeing are always popular.


You can find their products which are dyed with traditional botanical dyestuffs or Yanbaru plants in a bakery “SUIEN” in Yomitan Village and an island vegetable & organic wine shop “Ukishima Garden”in Naha City when “kitta” holds their exhibition several times a year.

 “People and people, people and nature make a circle to help each other and be connected with each other.  
With no borderlines between countries, I want to rebuild “food, clothing and housing”that we used to have conventionally.
I want to start with whatever small thing we can do for “living creatied by ourselves,”that we can do it right now in our everyday life.

On the wall of the workshop, we applied Ryukyu plaster with our own hands. We grow indigo, use it and dye it.
And we produce clothes that goes back to the nature.”

That is a “present”living that kitta puts into practice.

They never use online shopping but treasure their face to face business with customers. Their approach shows how they cherish a connection between people.  With her “excited feeling fermented” by the connection with people, kitta-san keeps her creative activities.

With a view to overseas expansion in the future, she wants to tell how wonderful a natural, colorful living is.


Exhibition Information

* kttta Exhibit “Ship Called Cloth”

Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014 to Sunday, May 25
Venue: Kura Gallery Jiji  “Country Inn Jiji-no-Ie”
Address: 1815-1, Kuwada, Misaki Town, Isumi City, Chiba
TEL: 0470-62-5401

* “School for the Future” in Country Inn Jiji-no-Ie by “Jomon Matsuri, Mirai-no-Manabiya”

Overnight Retreat is to be held for experiencing three classes: clothing, food, and body in “School for the Future.”    
Dye, sew, make a ship called cloth with your own hand,
Fire up and eat food that pleases your life,
Listen to your body and buff up inside for two days!

Date: Saturday, May 24, 2014 to Sunday, May 25
Lecturer: (clothes) kitta, Yuko Sawano / (food) Deko Nakajima / (body) sasa
Venue: Kura Gallery Jiji  “Country Inn Jiji-no-Ie”
Apply at (sasa)

* kitta Exhibition

Date: Thursday, July 10, 2014 to Sunday, July 13
Venue: Bakery Suien
Address: 367 Zakimi, Yomitan Village, Nakagami County, Okinawa
TEL: 098-958-3239
kitta Nijiiro Kusakizome
Official website:
Official blog:

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