Okinawa Tourism Information:Tombo-damawithMotifofPeacockFeather“YadokariWorkshop”

Tombo-dama with Motif of Peacock Feather “Yadokari Workshop”

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The legend has it that gods lived on Hamahiga Island.
A fishing boat docking at the harbor, a net placed casually over the stone wall, and a blue, clear sky and water make you at peace.

On the opposite side of the port, you will find a pretty signboard with a picture of yadokari (hermit crab) on it, which is a landmark of “Yadokari Workshop.”

Inside of the shop, vibrantly-colored tombo-dama (Japanese glass beads) are in display as if a white pallet were inlaid with colorful paints.   

Taking one of colorful glass beads displayed in the studio located along the water, I remembered the breathtakingly beauty when I met saw a Venetian glass piece. 

Look at a tombo-dama, which is produced by Ms. Midori Touyama, an artist at Yadokari Workshop with a motif of peacock feathers.

When I saw the color graduation and many layers of marbles for the first time, my eyes were grabbed by its absorbing beauty.


You can observe how to make tombo-dama at the workshop as well as experience making an authentic tombo-dama accessory.

Adjusting the heat of roaring fire of the burner, she adds color by rolling a molten bead in warm, colored glass.

While making, she has to keep rolling a stick without break.
When you look at how the craftworker does it so skillfully, it will be finished in a minute.
But when I actually tried it, I found my left hand trembling soon.

Shape forming with a tool before glass hardens

After work is done, place glass bead in the sand to cool it for two hours. Then, it is finished!

You will use the finished tombo-dama to make accessories like a necklace, a bracelet, a pierce.   More colors like blue, yellow, pink has been added for a line products of peacock motif.

If you put the tombo-dama in your simple outfit, it brings you a sophisticated impression.

“Yadokari Workshop” provides not only “tombo-dama experience” but also “natural dyeing experience” using fukugi (Common Garcinia).  Fukugi is a popular tree used as windbreak in Okinawa.  In the experience class, you beat and curve its bark.

You can experience the fun of natural dyeing by binding your desired parts with rubber band like shiborizome, etc.

Mr. & Mrs. Touyama enjoyed a yuntaku (Okinawan word meaning “chat”) while thinking of in what pattern the fukugi dyeing will come out.

Every time I chat with Touyama-san, I always forget how long a time passed.

While having a tea, just enjoy the leisurely pace of island life and enjoy experiencing tombo-dama or natural dyeing.
The time here will be borne in on you as a memory of yukuru (Okinawan word meaning “to relax, relaxing”) trip. 

Yadokari Workshop

Address: 103-3, Katsurenhama, Uruma City
TEL: 098-977-7202
Hours: 12:00 to 18:00
They are closed irregularly and take some holiday occasionally for events,etc.
(Their schedule is shown on the website, so please check it before your visit.
Official Website: 

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer   Tetsumasa and Kozue Kono (monobox)