Okinawa Tourism Information:“ChuraTerrace”OpenedinFrontofKouriOhashiBridgeAComfortableEuropean-StyleSpaceforAdults

“Chura Terrace” Opened in Front of Kouri Ohashi Bridge A Comfortable European-Style Space for Adults

post : 2014.07.02 15:00

“Yagaji-shima” a remote island connected to mainland Okinawa by a Nago City-owned bridge, had been just on the way to the neighboring island “Kouri-jima”.
However on April 26, a very interesting stop-off point was opened on Yakaji Island.

 “Chura Terrace,” whose theme is “sightseeing facility where everybody enjoy their dining experience, has a U-shaped one-storied building and an inner court with an about 7m high gajumaru (Banyan tree) in the center..

The design of an Okinawa architecture style mixed with an European atmosphere, which is rare in Okinawa, has windproof and sunshade functions.  Even in summer, you can enjoy a relaxed meal time in the visitor friendly facility.  Of course, the facility is complete with an awning, so you feel easy even on rainy days.

Other than a main tenant, an authentic Mediterranean-style restaurant “Garden Restaurant,” an Okinawa soba noodle shop “Manta,” a sweets and cold drink shop “Fruit Parlor,” an Okinawa’s first deeply-fried pizza restaurant “FRITZ PAPA’S,” an import interior shop “OBJET,” a satisfying souvenir shop “Chura Shop” …totally six gourmet and shopping stores open every day for you.

The building is basically designed as an Okinawan house, but red tiles and a little reddish outer walls put you in mind of a mansion area in the western coast of Spain and around the Mediterranean Sea.  This is no wonder, since a staff member in charge of planning and promotion visited European countries at the planning stage. So this facility is the result of a great deal of thorough research and study.

 “Chura Terrace” is located in the northernmost part of Yakaji Island, along Highway 247, which is connected to Kouri Ialand by Kouri Ohashi Bridge.  It is just a one-minute walk from Kouri Ohashi.  If you go down from the terrace, a calm natural beach will come into your sight and you will be relaxed with a soothing sound of the waves. 

In addition, they provide services of rental power-assisted bicycles (2,000 yen (including tax) for 2 hours), so it would be fun to take a leisurely bike ride through Kouri Bridge with a camera in one hand.

The best recommended dish from “Garden Restaurant,” the Mediterranean-style original dish, mainly serving Italian dishes, is “Spaghetti alla pescatora” (1,100 yen  (including tax) for a set with a drink).  They use locally-produced seasonal vegetables like goya (bitter gourd), etc., as well as fresh seafood like blue mussels and asari (Manila clams).

Another popular dish is “Tuna Steak Plate,” a locally-grown tuna steak in fragrant teriyaki sauce (1,300 yen (including tax) for a set with a drink)

And on top of that, they offer not only ordinary wines but also several kinds of driver-friendly non-alcohol wines to fully satisfy you with European taste from home and abroad.

The most popular menu item from “Fruit Parlor” is a blend of crushed and freshly squeezed fruit, a “Smoothie.” (650 yen (including tax).  They come in three flavors: pineapples (shown in the below photo), mangoes, and acerola & hibiscus.  They have a good selection of choices of Blue Seal ice cream, various flavors of shaved ice, and other things cold you can enjoy on hot days as well as fresh fruits.

After savory meals, please enjoy shopping in shops which have an abundant variety of Okinawa-produced items.

“Chura Terrace” commands a view of a vast wilderness of Yanbaru in the northern part of mainland Okinawa, where the virgin forests of green and blue remain, as well as an ocean view with Kouri Ohashi Bridge. 

Dining and rest at the extra-special location that you cannot find in any other areas would be recommended to experience outside with fresh air instead of air-conditioned rooms. 

Chura Terrace

TEL: 0980-52-8082(Garden Restaurant)
Address: 1311, Sumuide, Nago City
Hours:10:00 to 18:00(L.O.)
* Sometimes they are open longer in the summertime.
Open 365 Days A Year 
Parking: Available
Official Website :
 (Please note: This website is written in Japanese. So please ask your Japanese friend for help.)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa