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“ninufa” A Pretty Sundries Store on Ie Island

post : 2014.07.08 22:00

After an about 3-minute car ride (or an 8-minute walk) from Ie Port, you will find the only sundries store on Ie Island right next to the Ernie Pyle monument.

People in Okinawa call the polar star “Ninufabushi” (an Okinawan word meaning “a star in the direction of rat in the twelve branches) and that is where the name of the shop “ninufa” came from.

The owner, Ms. Yukiko Uema, said,
“There were no sundries stores on Ie Island, so I built it myself.”
She opened her shop 6 years ago by making use of her past experience in working part time in a sundries store.

 “ninufa” is a fancy select shop where the owner selects yachimun (Okinawan word meaning pottery), Ryukyu glassware, bingata (an Okinawan traditional resist dyed cloth), etc., which fascinated her.

Yachimun are from “Issuigama” and “Studio Iroha,” Ryukyu glassware are from “Ruri,” and bingata are from a hand-dyed washcloth shop “OJINO,” and so on.

You can pick up a work of individualistic, popular crafts artists and purchase it. 

And what is noteworthy is original accessories handmade by Ms. Uema.  Star-shaped sand or glittering pieces of glass are studded in pierced earrings or necklaces.  Her accessories look like the sea around Ie Island.

These products are also popular among school trip students visiting the island.
The price is very reasonable, starting at 500 yen.

Another popular original good is a stamp with motifs of Okinawan hibiscus, shimazouri (island beach sandal), goat, gecko lizard, etc. (210 yen ~).

Would you like to find your only favorite souvenir at the only pretty sundries shop on Ie Island?


Address: 638, Kawahira, Ie Village, Kunigami County
TEL: 0980-49-2305
Hours: 10:00 to17:00
The shop is irregularly closed.
Official Website:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  KUWA