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Meet The Okinawa Rail!

post : 2014.11.01 16:00

The Okinawa rail was recognized as a new species of rail in 1981. In only lives in the Yanbaru area in northern area and in 1982 it was recognized as a national monument.

It is 35cm in height and weighs 350g-500g. They live in forest, grasslands and around field, and if you drive along road of their habitat you might unexpectedly see one crossing a road.

Due to predators like mongooses and stray cats, at one point the population of the Okinawa rail was reduced to 700. Now there are laws and region are taking action to protect the species and they have increased in number to about 1500.

There were a lot of unknown parts about the species, to proliferate the species and revitalize the region the “Yanbaru Kuina Seitai Tenji Gakushu Shisetsu” (Okinawa Rail Habitat Display Learning Facility) opened in September with the cooperation of the Ministry of Environment and Kunigami Village as a protection propagation program, with the objective of studying the ecology Okinawa rail.

The inside of the facility there is a reclaimed forest of Yanbaru, where one Okinawa rail is being raised. You can see it running around freely.

The Okinawa rail here is a male that was incubated from an egg that was found in Sosu, Kunigami 2 years before the facility was opened. The name of the rail and the nickname was of the facility will be submitted by 2014 New Year’s cards.   

When driving up north, stretch your legs and see a bird that is only in Yanbaru. Also how about giving an Okinawa rail a name?

Check the following for details on name submission

Yanbaru Kuina Seitai Tenji Gakushu Shisetsu
1477-35 Ada, Kunigami-son Inside Ada Kuina Fureai Park
Admission Fee: Adults: 500 yen
High School Students, Middle School Students, and Elementary School Students: From Kunigami 100 yen, From Outside Kunigami 200 yen
Open Year Round

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Masayuki Sesoko


1477-35 Ada, Kunigami-son