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A&W Has Returned to Kokusai Street After 14 Years

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Okinawa has a deep connection with A&W Restaurants. It is one of the most loved fast food shops in Okinawa. A&W started in Lodi, California is 1919. The first shop in Japan opened in Yogibaru, Okinawa. It’s surprising the first shop in Japan opened in Okinawa! Currently, in Okinawa including the isolated islands there are 27 shops.

In suburban shops so you can experience American style drive-in, where you park your car, order from inside the car and then they bring your food to the car.  

You go to Okinawa without drinking this!! It is A&W pride and joy “A&W Root Beer”. When you drink it down you are creating. When it becomes tropically hot the refreshingness of the uniquely American taste is very tasty.  

The elongated mash potatoes are fried to give the slight tender texture and original taste to the super fries that you can only get at A&W. You can’t really taste fries like this, so it some you should definitely try. The curly fries are also fun and delicious.

The burger from the US, the originator of the burger is exquisite!!
They pay special attention to the buns that are made by hand in Hong Kong Bakery, which is owned by A. The amount they make in one day is fixed. They cooked 575 buns at once, so in order to make all buns for A&W they have to bake a lot.  

A while ago, on Kokusai-doori, a center of Okinawa tourism, an A&W opened. I went to check out the newly opened Kokusai-doori Makishi shop as soon as I could. Kokusai Street in Naha, it the main street of Naha and on both sides of the road are lined with gift shops, Okinawan restaurants, cute cafes and general stores. A&W Kokusai Street  Makishi opens at 9am so you can have a meal before going sight seeing, or if you get tired while looking shopping for souvenirs you can also take a break!

The terrace on the third floor has a good air flow, so I recommend basting the comfortable atomsphere of Okinawa while taking a break.
During events, you might meet the cute mascot of A&W Great Root Bear also known as Rooty. If you are lucky you can meet Rocketman, who gives out root beer.

The merchandise with Rooty and the logo are also popular which would also make terrific souvenirs.
 So come and enjoy the taste that is enjoyed by locals!!

A&W Kokusai Street Makishi
Address: 2-1-21 Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Operating Hours: 9:00am-10:00pm
Open Year Round
Parking: Paid Parking Nearby

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2-1-21 Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa