Okinawa Tourism Information:TerumaBeeg(RushGrass)withatraditionof150years.

Teruma Beeg (Rush Grass)with a tradition of 150 years.

post : 2013.10.12 16:00

This high quality prefectural commodity, with a tradition of 150 years is made in Yonashiro-teruma in Uruma City..
This is called Teruma Beeg (Beeg means rush grass in the Okinawa dialect)

The secret to its high quality is the thickness of stem and organicness.
The surface of rush grass has a countless amount of stoma, but the Teruma Beeg's stem is twice as thick than that of the mainland Japanese rush, and that makes the moisture absorption high, and you will not feel much moisture during the summer.
One farmer brought a mainland seedling which slowly adapted to the Okinawa environment, and grew into a rush grass with a thick stem.

Without using mud dyeing like mainland Japan, the rush grass is also completely pesticide free and is kind to the environment and to humans.
Tatami, matting, and pillows made of Teruma Beeg is very fine, and people with sensitive skin can use them without any problems.

Teruma Beeg makes up to about 90% of all rush grass production in Okinawa.
However, most of the producers are old aged and lack heirs.
Cultivation areas are rather small, and being perennials, rush grass can be harvested only once a year.
Due to typhoons, the crop yield differs each year.
Being a high-quality product, Teruma Beeg gets many orders even from outside Okinawa, but can only accept orders from Okinawa.

We would like to protect this traditional Okinawa commodity.

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