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You Can Come Alone to Washoku Dining “Sako Meshi” and Drink With Popular Okami and Characteristic Staff

post : 2015.01.06 19:00

Those who came to Okinawa on a business trip, and you feel lonely eating alone,
Those who came to Okinawa for solo assignment, and you start missing Washoku,
Those who come to Okinawa often, and you would like to know dining places in Okinawa much deeper,

I know a perfect place for you!
It is “Sako Meshi” located just by Miebashi Station in Naha City.

After going through the narrow lane whose entrance is a little bit complicated and opening the door, you will be impressed by the Japanese-style, luxury decorations which look really sharp with its high ceiling.

And you will hear a cheerful voice of Okami, Sako San in a brisk movement, and conversation among customers in happy harmony.

Even if you come alone and sit at the counter a little bit nervously, you will feel easy as Sako San, the staff member, or regular customers kindly let you join their conversation.
Female customers come alone frequently, let alone male customers.

Usually two to three unique staff members run the restaurant, and all of them like drinking alcohol.  So you can have lots of fun drinking with them over the counter at “Sako Meshi”!

“I decided to have a counter in this shape so that everybody can talk face to face.”
They have a unique menu system.  You can choose a course menu item according to whether you drink alcohol or enjoy food.

A course for 3 appetizing small dishes with charge 1,000 yen (This is recommended if you already finished dinner in another place and would like to simply enjoy alcohol and conversation here!)
A 2,000 yen course for main dish and 3 side dishes with rice and miso soup or for 6 side dishes.
A 3,000 yen full-course meal for 7 side dishes with rice and miso soup.

Vegetable-oriented Washoku that Okami (lady owner) herself prepares and cooks has a very decent, delicate flavor.
She said that all the menu items depended on her mood, but she superbly calculates which goes for light flavored or rich-flavored among simmered dish, grilled dish, fried dish, etc.  

When she comes up with a new menu item, she often draws it down on a paper with color pencils to make a good color balance of ingredients just like she paints a picture.

Such an amazing Washoku uniquely go well with wine.
For the menu of the day, cream cheese is added for a shiroae (dish dressed with tofu), or an herb is added for a miso soup.  This kind of a little bit of kick to snacks goes well with alcohol.

When she went to a prep school for a university of arts, she entertained her friends with her meals.  As all of her friends appreciated her delicious food, she started a party to entertain them with her meals regularly.  That’s how “Sako Meshi” started.

After that, she worked in a cookshop.  Although she got a little involved in cooking, she had difficulty to solidify her goal to pursue a career.
She took a journey to reexamine her life and reached Okinawa, where she fell in love with someone.   Her romance triggered her to settle down in Okinawa, and the artistic Sako San has been acting really powerful and attractive in giving dance performances and drawing pictures. 

Sako San is a well-informed owner, who has enjoyed both day life and nightlife in Okinawa as much as she wanted in her 15 years residency here.  If you ask her for any spots with a profound atmosphere that cannot be found in a guidebook, she might let you know!?

Sako Meshi

Address: Aso Bldg 1F, 1-1-18, Maejima, Naha City
TEL: 098-861-1444
Opening Hours: 19:00-24:00
You can enter here even after 22:00!  They are open on Sundays as well!
Closed on Saturdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Sandy