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A guest house where you can have the ocean to yourself

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“Musubiya”, a guest house in Nakijin, has the best location, being situated right in the middle of the ocean!
This quiet and spacious, empty space located away from the hustle and bustle of the city stretches far and wide.

In the communal living room, there are bead cushions and futons so you can take a nap while reading comics in the well-ventilated open space with full height glass windows or enjoy a conversation with the other guests or ease the stiffness in your muscles in the massage chair.

Sightseeing spots are located just a short drive away, such as the picturesque scenery at “Kouri Bridge” 15 minutes away and the “Churaumi Aquarium” 13 minutes away.

And within the broad panorama of ocean lives multicolored coral, so just by going swimming with a snorkel, you will witness a world like the Palace of the Dragon King.

They rent beach products (for a fee) so it is ok to come empty-handed!
Take a nap, have fun in the ocean and take a nap again…
The handmade drum bath is also enjoyable!

For dinner, they have a type of “potluck dinner” where each person brings a dish, which increases interaction between the guests as well as with the staff.
There are 8 dormitory beds and 6 private rooms, many families also come to stay at the guest house.

At night, you can lay a straw mat on the lawn in front of the inn and gaze at the starlit sky.

They offer all you can drink Awamori for just 500 yen, so you might find yourself drinking until dawn without even realizing it!?
The friendliness of the inn’s well-known owner, “Yuinee”, draws everybody into the mood of the place.

She used to be a member of the “Kinoshita Circus”, so Yuinee has had somewhat of a different career.
She realized that the purpose of expression is to have communication with other people, so she opened “Musubiya”, whose name means “connecting people”.
It is more casual than a normal hotel or Japanese inn, with a sense of comfort making you feel as if you are staying at a relative’s house.

Nakijin Guest House Musubiya
609 Naokashi Nakijinson Kunigami-gun Okinawa 905-0424
For Inquiries
*Advance reservation required
Dormitory 2,000 yen
Private rooms available from 2,300 yen

[Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Sandy]


609 Nakaoshi, Nakijin, Kunigami