Okinawa Tourism Information:CafewithaNiceOceanViewinForeignResidenceownedbyarealSeaLover.

Cafe with a Nice Ocean View in Foreign Residence owned by a real Sea Lover.

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This Cafe is located in Ishikawa, Uruma-city in the central part of Okinawa mainland.
In Akebono district in Uruma city, there is a street called "Akebono Cafe Street"
where many fashionable foreign residences are seen and very recommendable to visit!

This is a place with a nice and international atmosphere, and when you look afar,
you can see the ocean and a tricolored Steel Tower.
I have found a nice Cafe on this street and the owner loves the sea very much.    

The white and blue interior decoration in the Cafe reminds you of the blue ocean.
As you walk in the Cafe, you would feel a very refreshing atmosphere. 

The Owner Mr. Kosuge come from Nagoya,
Aichi prefecture and his smile on sun-tanned face is very impressive.
Before moving to Okinawa, he used to be a Patissier in one of the very popular cake shops in Nagoya.
He is also from a family of a famous Japanese style sweets shop.

You can have very professional sweets by Mr. Kosuge here in a foreign residence.
The owner wishes customers to enjoy his sweets also visually,
he decorates the sweets with colorful fruits and a palm tree to give you a tropical feeling.  

In addition, there are also baked sweets made with the local ingredients such as squid ink,
dark sugar, Ube sweet potato, Goya vegetable, passion fruit and Awamori liquor, etc.
Some of the ingredients look challenging to taste, but they taste all good! 

"Shima Pancake" is baked with powdered dark sugar and served with dark sugar syrup
and one of the most recommendable menus as the sweet taste of dark sugar is just enough
and very tasty.

You can order this pancake by piece and it is a nice idea to share.
Surprisingly enough, there is also Miso (soy bean paste)
Cutlet on the menu as the owner couple is from Nagoya city
where Miso is very common and popular ingredient for many foods.  


The Miso Cutlet is served with Miso soup made from Haccho Miso.

Here you can enjoy Nagoya style menu also in the morning which are rarely found in Okinawa.
If you are originally from Nagoya and living in Okinawa, or if you are interested in Nagoya local foods,
please try to visit here.

The Owner Mr. Kosuge enjoy wind-surfing in his pastime, just like being a wind (smile).

That is why his skin is nicely tanned and smile is shiny.
He really loves the sea and unconsciously looks for wind surfing friends in the sea
while he works in the Cafe.

His wife sometimes joins him and enjoy wind surfing.

Please try to visit him who really loves the sea and share the feeling with him at Ile des pins


Ile des pins
Address/ 1-9-22, Akebono, Ishikawa, Uruma city, Okinawa

TEL/ 098-989-8801
Open/ 10:00~18:00

Close/ Tue,Wed, Thu

P/ Available

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by R. Chinen