Okinawa Tourism Information:ExcitingbarhoppingintheSunabearea,whichisfullofexoticatmosphere!

Exciting bar hopping in the Sunabe area, which is full of exotic atmosphere!

post : 2015.04.29 19:00

The brilliant night landscape reflected in the sea around Chatan Town like a mirror.  Sunabe, which is filled with exotic atmosphere, has a perfect jogging course during the daytime while it has a perfect date course as well as a nice spot for exciting bar hopping.

I would like to introduce three excellent bars in the Sunabe area!

A hideaway bar with no signboard, which is located just in front of this night view, is “Eclipse.”

The red- lighted bar, which is full of foreign customers, is a different space where English and Japanese are spoken.  As evening deepens into night, customers dance to the music and gulp down shots

The best recommendation from this bar is flair bartending by Aki-san, the owner and Vice President of All Nippon Flair Bartenders’ Association.

Flair bartending is the practice of bartenders entertaining guests with a tricky, dazzling performance using bottles and shakers while providing them cocktails and shots. (It is like what Tom Cruise does in a film “Cocktail”!)

Sometimes, you see a bartender blow blue flame from his mouth or flame spread all over the table.  Facing such visual stimulation will increase your tension for drinking alcohol much higher.  

Mojito using plenty of mint comes in more than 50 kinds including ones using seasonal fruits that are not shown on the menu!

The bar seldom accepts an interview, so this bar is not generally known but loved by fans of flair bartending and mojitos.♪

Next bar is “Hardreef” run by Kazubo-san, whom every Okinawan surfer knows because he is deeply familiar with ocean, wave and alcohol. 

Hardreef is a long-established bar in Sunabe and celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.  The place is always crowded with many surfers, tourists, and local people.

Thanks to the friendly characters of Kazubo-san and bartenders, they create an atmosphere where everybody can become friendly and make friends easily.

The recommendation from here is a shot of “habu (poisonous snake) shu (alcohol)”!  A special shot made from habu with the glare of the eyes will knock down even a heavy drinker!?

As many professional surfers visit the bar to greet Kazubo-san, who is also president of Okinawa Surf Rider Association, if you drink at the counter, you might be able to make a toast with your favorite surfer.♪

The final destination of the bar hopping is “Tropical Moon.”

If you come to the bar late at night, you will see the owners of the shop in the neighborhood get together here after work and enjoy their drink. (lol)

This is Hige-san, a famous bartender in Sunabe.

Of course, his name came from his thick mustache.  As you let him listen to you telling about what happened to you today and how you have been doing, and so on, the night deepens. 

His bar has a pool, and competitions are held every first Mondays of the month.

The secret recommendation from here is “Hawaian-style Dinner Plate.”

A hearty plate of dinner has rich seasoning, so even male will be very satisfied!  This volume satisfies not only those who are a little hungry but also those who are very hungry.

Very soon in the neighborhood, he will open a lunch box shop “Tropical Kitchen,” selling this popular plate.  You can enjoy the tropical flavor during the lunch time, too!

How did you like the three exciting bars?  In Sunabe, other than the above-mentioned bars, there are many more characteristic bars, so when you feel like drinking and having fun, please visit Sunabe!


15−59 Aza-Minato, Chatan Town, Nakagami County, Okinawa 904-0114
TEL: 098-936-6108
Open: 21:00 to 25:00(Only on Fridays and Saturdays)


1-20 Miyagi, Chatan Town, Nakagami County, Okinawa 904-0117
TEL: 098-936-9699
Open: 17:00 to 25:00
Almost always open

Bar Tropical Moons

1F, 288 Sunabe, Chatan Town
TEL: 070-5819-7855
Open: 19:30 to 25:00
Always open except New Year holidays


Tropical Kitchen

1-454 Miyagi, Chatan Town
Will be opened for lunch time

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