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Ryukyu Glass Workshop Glass Art AI

post : 2015.05.04 19:00

A Ryukyu glass workshop “Glass Art AI” is located in Nago City, Okinawa.

This shop provides dishes and glasses which have soft curved lines and gentle colors, which helps you to unwind and make you feel peaceful. 


I knew Glass Art AI when I saw their glasses at a shop where I visited for an interview.
I thought it was made in abroad because of their characteristic designs.
I asked a clerk at the shop and was surprised to know they were Ryukyu glasses!

I was shocked to see pink hibiscuses on pale white glasses.
Craft artists led by the president of Glass Art AI, Ms. Sayo Kotobuki make these glasses.

Glass ware made by craft artists very carefully one by one has texture and feeling special to handmade crafts.  Kotobuki-san discusses with the craft artists over and over again to create new designs.  In order to introduce great charms of glass ware to many people, they have been working to create glass ware that you can find only here.

The temperature of melted glass is the same as in the magma of a volcano.
It is very difficult to handle, and it could cause a serious injury if they make one wrong move. 

“We work together to make one glass ware.  Everyone has his or her own responsible part.  So communication and team work are very important,” said Kotobuki-san.
I felt that their earnest eyes showed their passions for making glass ware.


“I would like everyone who visits our shop to leave here with smiles.  I would like Ryukyu glass, our traditional craft will be loved for another one hundred, and two hundreds.  That’s why, we have been trying to make items that show you a marvelous charm of glass ware,” said Kotobuki-san.

Pretty, beautiful designs show the sensitivity of a female artist.

Kaleidoscope Series  

Another charm of Glass Art AI is a variety of unique designs.
This plate named “Kaleidoscope” shows very beautiful projection of colorful glass pieces scattered on it.

Left: Shima Rock, Blue / Right; Shima Rock, Barrel, Clear

And on top of that, you can enjoy shopping items according to occasions.

They offer varieties of series from a perfect item for a reward for yourself, which adds flowers for your private time to a chic item which you would like to use for dinner with your beloved one or someone special.
While you are choosing an item suitable for your own life style, you feel very happy and excited.

These glasses with beautiful bubbles are perfect for evening drink with someone special.

If you come here, I am sure you will find your favorite type of glass ware.

As you can buy Ryukyu glass easily in Okinawa, why don’t you buy one with a characteristic design and beauty unique to this workshop for a souvenir?

In addition, Glass Art AI provides blow glass experience, so you can spend a fulfill time shopping and experience here.

Hibiscus Series

I would recommend glass ware of Glass Art AI for a reward for yourself and a souvenir for someone special.
A table with their glass ware makes you feel the wind of the southern land.

Glass Art AI

Address: 211-1 Nakayama, Nago City, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-53-2110
Opening Hours: 9:30 to 18:00
Closed on Tuesdays(Open if Tuesday falls on holiday)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer   Akari Matsumura