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Cosmetics and tea made with the blessings of Ishigaki Island, Avance

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Avance, which is located on Yui Road in the downtown of Ishigaki Island, is a shop dealing in original cosmetics made using the island ingredients, locally-produced tea, and a natural style of sundry goods and clothes which the owner selected.

Fourteen years ago when the island had not so many fancy sundry shops as now, Mrs. Yumie Asayama opened the shop.  At the opening of the shop, her husband, Taro-san had a different job, but now he also works in the shop.

Always the couple welcomes customers with very charming smiles and in good heart.

Yumie-san, who visited around the small southern islands overseas, knew that Japan also had such beautiful islands as those foreign islands and moved to Yaeyama Islands.

Yumie-san is from a tea-producing area in Saitama Prefecture.  She used to play in the tea fields always, and realized the good aroma of the tea and the healing effect of the tea since her childhood.

Since she started her life in Ishigaki Island, she learned that the island had a variety of tee and about many unique plants, which are the ingredients of the tea.

The original cosmetics from the shop are all made with plants with the power of the island which Yumie-san fell in love with.

Among all the plants, her most favorite plant is gettou naturally-grown in everywhere in Okinawa, which is a perennial plant of the ginger family.  She was attracted by the health benefit such as antibacterial effect, sedative effect, and antioxidant effect, etc.

She also uses extract or powder of pineapple, hibiscus, chomeiso (Peucedanum japonicum), etc. and salt of Ishigaki, etc.

You can see seeds of gettou on the front and the right back of the photo.

The shop has various of original cosmetics such as soap, treatment gel, shampoo and treatment, bath salt, herbal water, herbal gommage, etc.

All of the cosmetic products are chemical-free and additive-free.  
She makes products for only what she wants to use.

Soap and bath salt have three kinds respectively: sango maasu (coral salt), herb, and pineapple.  I used bath salt of sango maasu.  The bathroom was filled with sweet and refreshing aroma, and my body became warm.    

The most repeatedly purchased cosmetic items is “Gettou Treatment Gel.”
This is an excellent all-in-one skin care product.    

I have been using this gettou treatment gel.  How comfortable it is when I apply to my skin!

Jiggly gel with deep aroma of gettou goes smoothly into the skin.  The following morning the supple, smooth texture of the skin seems to be different from usual. 

A large selection of tea made in Ishigaki Island are displayed on the shelves.

In the year before last, they also opened the café next to the sundry shop for customers to enjoy their favorite tea.

When I visited there, the local residents enjoyed a relaxing time.
In the café, you can savor fluffy pancakes, too!

This pancake is prepared using plenty of passion fruit.

“I was also an islander, so I can understand that tourists will be happy to have something to remember their happy memories from the trip not only during the trip but also after returning home,” said Yumie-san.

Tourist can enjoy souvenir shopping here while the locals can just stop by to purchase their favorite items or a gift for someone.
Why don’t you look for good memories from your trip to a small southern island at Avance? 

Shop for soaps and tea made on the island Avance

TEL: 0980-82-1003
Address: 198-8 Okawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa
Opening Hours: 10:00 till sunset time
Irregularly Closed
Website for online shopping:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Masumi Sasamoto