Okinawa Tourism Information:AsouvenirshopforhealthyandbeautygoodsfromOkinawa“AgriShopShimaChulala”

A souvenir shop for healthy and beauty goods from Okinawa “Agri Shop Shima Chulala”

post : 2015.06.08 19:00

The shop is largely divided into three groups: health, beauty, and long life.

“Agri Shop Shima Chulala” which opened on April 18, 2015, is a new sense of a souvenir shop where only locally-produced items are collected.  This is a select shop of food and cosmetics from Okinawa, which is blessed with rich soil and abundant rain.  The Shima Chulala purchases products from about 70 local companies.  A light, spacious shop has agricultural processed products which the companies used their inventiveness to commercialize using local ingredients such as shima tougarashi (island hot pepper), shikuwasa (Okinawan lime), herb & spice, salt, goat milk, fruit like mango, guava.

The “Hachimi-chan Hachimitsu (Honey)” from Yanbaru (the northern mountainous area of mainland Okinawa) has been very popular since the opening.

What interests you is that products are displayed not by categories but processers.  Each section has photos of producers and processors as well as panel displays telling stories of how products have been created.  You can learn the background of a product which you pick up.

I asked a shop attendant to pick up popular items from “Health & Long Life” section.

The shop prepared the panels by interviewing producers face to face to learn the backgrounds of the products carefully, which are well worth reading like a magazine article.  Visitors read the panels to understand the passion of the producers for the products, and buy them as souvenirs.  When they give them to their families or friends, they have stories to share.  I believe that is a charm of the products here, which cannot be found in the mass produced products.

These are from “Beauty” section.  The goods come with pretty packages, which is perfect for traveling ladies.

Based on the concept of “We want to bestow favors on producers,” the Shima Chulala has an event space where buyers and producers can enjoy talking.  When the shop opened, they held an event called “Nago Agri Market” with a cooperation of producers.  During the Golden Week, they held a manual work workshop for testing a cosmetic made using oil squeezed from seeds of shikuwasa.  As for further information on event & workshop, you can check at facebook page of Okinawa Churaumi Zaidan.

These are from “Health” section.  A variety of processed ingredients might make a difference in taste of regular meals. 

It is an idea of buying a souvenir which is so familiar that everybody can tell it is from Okinawa, but wouldn’t it be the real thrill of a trip to Okinawa to find and enjoy a product you have never known?   When you visit Yanbaru in the northern part of mainland Okinawa, please stop by the Shima Chulala.  (Foreign tourists do not have to pay consumption tax if they present their passports at the cashier.)

Agri Shop Shima Chulala

Address: 4607-1 Aza-Nago, Nago City, Okinawa
Opening Hours:10:00 to 18:00
Opens 365 Days A Year
TEL: 0980-43-6010
Okinawa Chulashima Zaidan facebook page:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura