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Cool gelato packed with blessings of Okinawa

post : 2015.06.17 19:00

The sunshine is getting stronger and stronger in Okinawa.  On such sunny days, you might want to eat something cool.  Here I would like to recommend you a gelato shop near Kaichu doro* in Uruma City, “Uruma Gelato.”

*Kaichu doro: a 4.75km causeway that connects Yokatsu Peninsula in the central part of mainland Okinawa and Henza Island floating in Kin Bay.   

Homemade gelato made using ingredients mainly from Uruma City has a variety of menu items from classic-flavored ones to unique-flavored.  The most important thing for the shop is “ingredients.”  The owner, Tamae-san, whose husband is a farmer of products which are qualified for the Japanese organic JAS certification, started the gelato shop because she wanted to pursue the reassurance and safety of food and contribute to the local community, Uruma City.

As her husband adopted organic practices on the house farm, most of the ingredients used for Uruma Gelato is cultivated with no use of pesticides, chemical fertilizer as well as with low chemical.  Also the gelatos are handmade very carefully in the factory of the shop without using any chemical compound additives. 

About 10 flavors of gelatos are sold in the shop, which include flavors using seasonal ingredients and sold for a limited time only such as “mango” and “passion fruit” as well as regular flavors such as “milk” and “brown sugar cocoa.”  It is difficult to choose one, but why don’t you take an adventurous try with a unique-flavored gelato?  Surprisingly, this white gelato is “Shima tougarashi (island hot pepper) Gelato.”  When you take one bite, refreshing sweet milk flavor spreads in the mouth, and right after that, you taste something spicy.  I can understand why the menu item is named as “impact in 3 seconds.”  As you enjoy every bite, the sweet, spicy taste of the gelato will captivate you.  I would strongly recommend you this item.

Also I would like to recommend a beautiful, vivid-colored gelato called “pink rum” for ladies.  It is made using rum from Daito-jima Island and dragon fruit.  The fragrance and mellowness of rum perfectly go well with the sweetness of dragon fruit!

This is “Golden Potato,” which everybody young and old, girls and boys, men and women can enjoy.  The gelato is made using “kugani (golden-colored sweet potato), a specialty product of Uruma City.  You will like its slight flavor of sweet potato and the soft sweetness.

Gelatos in cups, which are perfect for souvenirs, are also sold in the shop.

Tamae-san said, “Anyway, I would like to see customers’ smiles!  That makes me really happy!  I started making gelatos as an amateur, so I had no concept like “I should follow this recipe” or “This ingredient is not good for gelatos.”  I have been creating a variety of menu items to see customers’ surprise and hear their saying “Yummy!””

Her lively voice showed her strong passion on making gelatos.

I would like to introduce more gelatos, but please visit the shop to see the variety for yourself and enjoy the taste!  I am sure you will find a delicious gelato which makes you laugh and smile. 

Uruma Gelato 

Address: 1860-1 Yonashiro-Teruma, Uruma City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-978-8017
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 18:00
Opens 365 Days a Year
Official Website:

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Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akari Matsumura