Okinawa Tourism Information:Fluffylikesnow!ShavediceonYachimunmeltsinyourmouth.“Ruan+Shimairo”

Fluffy like snow! Shaved ice on Yachimun melts in your mouth. “Ruan + Shimairo”

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Miyagi-jima Island is ahead of “Kaichu Doro,” which is a popular drive course with the majestic beauty of the sea spread on both sides.  When you drive along the idyllic road, a maccha (green powdered tea)-colored building will come into your sight.    

This is a fusion shop of the new idea which is a combination of shaved ice and wares, “Ruan + Shimairo.”  You can enjoy fluffy shaved ice on a beautiful ware of “Pottery Gallery Shimairo.”

The owner, Mr. Tsubasa Nishizawa used to work on Ishigaki Island.  He left the island once, but could not forget charms of Okinawa and decided to move here in the near future.  Using the opportunity, he thought he should open his own shop.  Then, a shaved ice shop came up in his mind. 

Then, he took a training at a popular shaved ice “Noan” in Kanagawa Prefecture for about three years.  Successfully he came to Okinawa, and as he was looking for a place to open a shop, he met Mr. Katsushi Shimabukuro, the pottery artist of “Pottery Gallery Shimairo.”

Just around that time, Shimabukuro San was hoping if he could provide some food with his wares.  Both of them found a kindred spirit in each other and realized a delicious collaboration which you can enjoy shaved ice with your eyes and tongues. That is how a shaved shop “Ruan + Shimairo,”where you can savor shaved ice on yachimun (pottery), was born.  

The shop offers about 20 flavors of shaved ice which he is proud of.  His best recommended one is a classic one…

“Strawberry Milk”!  Plenty of shaved ice is served in a ware with colors which remind you of the sea and the sky of Okinawa.  You will eat it after pouring milk from a pitcher. 

I was surprised to put a spoon in the shaved ice slowly because it was very soft as if I had been scooping freshly-fallen snow.  Every time you put it into your mouth, it melts quickly on your tongue and a gentle texture spreads.  Ruan’s shaved ice is fluffy, light, and melts really well.  But above all, it has an excellent taste!

“I shave like slicing ice. Then, I try to put air between ice when serving it on a ware,” said Nishizawa San.

As for ice, he had been eating and comparing ice from ice works throughtout the prefecture and selected the best one.

This is “Mango Milk.”  Shaved ice is topped with full of syrup made by the base of mango fruit.

The syrup, which is the secret of the good taste, is mostly made by hand.  Strawbery, mango, maccha, etc. each of which brings out the flavor, fragrant, and color of an ingredient.  Even condensed milk, he tries to adjust the concentration to be suitable for syrup. 

In addition, I would recommend “Caramel Milk,” which has irresistible bittersweet flavor.  This summer shaved ice of flavors of pineapple and passion fruit are available on a month-to-month rotating basis.

I would like to increase syrups of Okinawan ingredients as well as seasonal one like chestnuts in autumn and ginger in winter.

The ware is produced after Shimabukuro San and Nishizawa San gave idea to each other.  It is designed to have a wide open mouth and a handle as well as to be light to hold.   

“As it is delicious syrup, I would like customers to drink it up.  So I add a handle on a cup for them to drink up the remaining melt ice,” said Shimabukuro San.

Spoon are custom-made items, which has a long handle for customers to scoop shaved ice easily.  The owner asks a metal artist, Mr. Mitsuhiro Konishi to make the special spoons

The shop displays a variety of wares like a gallery.  You can take time to appreciate a ware which you used and buy it.  This is also a fun part of the shop.

(Left) Mr. Katsushi Shimabukuro  (Right) Mr. Tsubasa Nishizawa

“He adjusts shaving according to the temperature and the humidity of the day for customers to feel the most delicious smoothness.  His goal is to make his shop the one where everyone can enjoy shaved ice all year around!” said Nishizawa San.

“I would like to produce different wares of colors and shapes according to menu items,” said Shimabukuro San. 

Both of them look so happy when talking about shaved ice.  I get a feeling that more and more new menu items and wares will be produced. 

Once you try shaved ice here, you will clearly remember the delicious flavor and the beautiful ware.  Every time you visit the place, you will find fresh deliciousness.

Address: 428‐2, Toubaru, Yonashiro, Uruma City, Okinawa
TEL: 050‐3716‐4282
Opening Hours:10:00 to 18:00
Closed on Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono

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