Okinawa Tourism Information:“PleasegivemeacocktailtobemoreinthemoodofOkinawa.”Youcansavorcustom-madecocktailattheoldtraditionalhouse.

“Please give me a cocktail to be more in the mood of Okinawa.” You can savor custom-made cocktail at the old traditional house.

post : 2015.07.09 19:00

In downtown Nago, there is a kominka (old traditional house) which I would like you to visit.  The house was built by trees from the mountains in Yanbaru, and it is almost impossible to build a new one like this.  The floorboard feels very smooth for your bare feet, which can tell that the house has been treasured by each family and has been preserved and passed from one owner to the next.   

Mr. Yutaka Matsushita, a bartender of 14-year experience runs “Yanbaru Dining Matsu no Kominka” as he lives in the old traditional house.  The shop has an ozashiki (a guestroom with tatami mats) where you can enjoy carefully-selected brand pork shabu shabu, etc. as well as a bar counter where you can order any of your favorite cocktails.  

No cocktail names are on the menu.  This is Matsushita san’s style to make a cocktail by inspiration he gets from an ingredient or a customer.  As the interview date was cloudy, I wanted to be high-spirited and said to him, “Please make me a cocktail from which I can feel “Ahhhhh…summer has come!!””  Then, three kinds of cocktails were served before me. (I visited there by car, so these are non-alcohol.)

“Farmer’s Market has a variety of locally-harvested fruits, and obaa (Okinawan elderly ladies) in the neighborhood often bring shikuwasa (Citrus depressa, Okinawan lime) and guavas from fields in the mountain.  I am always surprised by people in Yanbaru and the abundance of the nature.”

As Matsushita san said, the cocktails had a rich flavor to make you feel like as if the sun of the summer and the blessings of natural fruits had been condensed.

Especially a passion fruit cocktail was delicious.  Surprised, I asked him “Does passion fruit have such a delicious taste as this?”  He said that he put handmade syrup as a hidden flavor.  “It is difficult to bring out the sweetness and the flavor of passion fruit, so I add sweet tankan (Citrus tankan) which bears fruits in winter and reduce it till it is syrupy.”  I was impressed to know that a little more professional effort makes an ingredient more delicious.

Other than syrups, the base of “Yanbaru Moscow Mule,” which is pickled with ginger, brown sugar, lemon grass grown in Yanbaru.  The world of sake which you can enjoy only in this shop, only in Yanbaru spreads out infinitely according to combinations you make. 

Meals at ozashiki can be chosen from menu items which he used his creativity and ingenuity in.  I guarantee the meals will satisfy your palate.  When you are full, you can move to the bar counter.  While relaxing at the counter or the sofa, please enjoy the night of subtropical zone.   

Matsu no Kominka

Address: 2-14-5, Oominami, Nago City, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-43-0900
Opening Hours: Dinner time 18:00 to 24:00, BAR time 24:00 to(L.O. 26:00)
Closed on Thursdays
Parking: Available for 10 cars

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura